Gyft launches a new Bitcoin service: the Gift Card Registry

When Bitcoin exploded at the beginning of this year, Gyft was one of the first businesses to adopt the most famous cryptocurrency in the world and they’re so glad they did it that the company is now launching a new service that accepts Bitcoin as payment: the Gift Card Registry.

According to Jan Jahosky, Gyft public relations, this means that “Bitcoins can be used to purchase gift cards for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, holidays and other special events”. Gyft users can choose up to eight merchants from a base with hundreds of retailers and add them to their registry.

“Consumers can now customize and share a personalized gift card registry”, explains a statement from the San Francisco-based company. Besides, Gyft’s updated website with enhanced features allows users to purchase gift cards and manage their Gyft wallet online. Once you have made your registry, you get “a personalized URL that can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or added to any wedding website or invitation”.

“We initially created Gyft as a simple way for consumers to manage their gift cards from their mobile device. However, as we have grown our users expressed an interest to do much more than just manage their gift cards. As a result, we created a multi platform approach enabling consumers to redeem their cards from a mobile phone and manage their account from almost any web enable device”, explains Gyft CEO and co-founder Vinny Lingham.

In just a few months, since launching last September, “more than $10,000,000 in plastic gift cards have been uploaded to the mobile app with users adding a new gift card every two seconds”. Gyft is currently the largest digital platform to buy and manage gift cards, supporting over 300 retailers.

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