BitKonan is the new Bitcoin trading platform from Croatia

There’s some news to those Bitcoiners always asking for more diversity in the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem: a new trading platform called BitKonan. The service, based in Croatia, allows speculators and Bitcoiners from the four corners of the world to trade Bitcoin for US dollars.

Their ideal “Trade Bitcoins like a pro” is perfect both for experienced traders and for the newbies, according to BitKonan’s CEO. One of the platform’s best features is the lower trading fees around 0.29%, says Sime Bakic. “Bitcoin speculation is going to be a very competitive industry and we are ready to compete”, the entrepreneur adds.

“Traders at BitKonan can insulate themselves from harrowing declines in Bitcoin value with preset stop-loss orders. Traders can also preset stop limit orders to enter the market above or below the current market price in order to trade breakouts. Given the present helter-skelter reality of Bitcoin price movements, small or vast fortunes can be made or squandered in a split second. Speculators need to be able to strike with the speed of cobra on performance enhancing drugs. BitKonan enables that with its lightning fast rapid order entry system“, says a press release.

BitKonan is backed by the registered Croatian company RES REI J.D.O.O. and has a team of programmers who have developed the trading platform in-house, including BitKonan’s API. The press release adds that “every aspect of BitKonan has been designed with the needs of day trader’s in mind; one of BitKonan’s co-owners has over a decade of experience trading on mainstream stock and commodity exchanges such as the CME. NYMEX and DAX. This experience has been turned to the task of delivering the best possible trading experience at BitKonan”.

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