Gliph gets investment of $200,000 to develop new Bitcoin features and improve secure messaging

The safe messaging app Gliph, which has a Bitcoin integration through Coinbase and allows users to send or receive Bitcoins through an iOS app, recently raised a big investment of $200,000. The funding was secured by Tim Draper, founder of the Draper University and partner at the program, which Gliph attended.

The company was founded in early 2012 as an encrypted messaging app, but this year they saw the potential of connecting their services to Bitcoin. Gliph got an initial founding, but shortly after they were accepted into the Portland Seed Fund and got a new funding of $25,000.

Their current Bitcoin functions allow users to link wallets from several options like BIPS,, or Coinbase, easily create wallets or generate a new email address for an account. “Gliph lets you send Bitcoin and communicate in a single experience. You can securely put social context around a transaction”, the co-founder of the service, Rob Banagale, told The Genesis Block.

Now, Gliph’s developing team is dreaming to gather messaging, Bitcoin and anonymity in the same place thanks to this new investment. The company plans to use this money – some of which was received in Bitcoin – to improve Gliph’s Android experience and design quality.

In a near future, they also want to create an advanced version of the service for paying users with features like auto-deleting messages and encrypted video.


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