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Federal Reserve: Discover Top 3 Meme Coins Poised To Explode Amid FOMC Meeting and Powell Speech

The Fed, Jim Cramer and Jerome Powell. 3 Hilarious Meme Coins Tied to Tomorrows FOMC Federal Reserve Meeting That Look Primed for a Pump.

Markets are pricing in a lot of major events this week, with the Federal Reserve May FOMC meeting in focus, Jim Cramer calls, and Jerome Powell’s much-anticipated monetary speech – amid the heightened volatility – here are 3 super prime meme coins set to explode.

The Federal Reserve is meeting tomorrow (May 1) to talk about the FOMC meeting. You can read more here for a deep dive into the many possible outcomes of this meeting and the potential effects on the price of Bitcoin.

Historically, Jerome Powell’s speeches during FOMC meetings have led to significant moves across the market, both up and down.

Meme coins are still propping the market up and representing most of the market’s best current performers. Therefore, we will be taking a look at the best meme coins that are connected to tomorrow’s meeting.

FOMC Meme Coin #1 – Federal (FED) – Memes go Brrrrrr


FED launched less than 24 hours ago. They’re using the classic ‘money printer goes brrr‘ meme that gets bandied around during these FOMC meetings, which is helping the project to gain traction on social media.

The team has already burned 69% of the circulating supply while also promising to use the marketing wallet to pump the chart like crazy in the lead-up to tomorrow’s Powell speech.


FED can be found on the Solana chain, still under a $100k market cap with $25k in volume since launch. This Federal Reserve ticker looks primed to make a big move over the next 24 hours, with the $FED ticker starting to gain traction on X.

FOMC Meme Coin #2 – Jum Cromer (JUM) – Internet’s Number 1 Inverse Indicator

Cramer PolitiFi token chart


JUM is a token in the PolitiFi category, based on the finance commentator, Jim Cramer. Jim has become a meme on social media and is known as an inverse indicator when it comes to crypto.

He has called the top or bottom on Bitcoin many times now, only for the opposite to happen. He will be talking about the upcoming FOMC on X and his CNBC finance show.

Cramer is a more established token that was launched over two weeks ago. During this time, the team produced some great content and announced a collaboration interview with the NONCE project (Nancy Pelosi PolitiFi meme coin). Since this announcement, holders of JUM have gone from 500 to over 700, showing the growing strength of this project.

JUM is on the Solana chain and has a current market cap of $440k, processing $65k of volume over the past 24 hours. Expect more upside from the chart once Jim Cramer begins his FOMC commentary over the next 48 hours.

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FOMC Meme Coin #3 – Money Printer (BRRR) – Powell Goes Brrr

BRRR FOMC meme coin on Base


Launched on Base just over 24 hours ago and similar to FED, it uses the ‘Money Printer goes Brrr’ as the theme. They’re using the version with Jerome Powell printing the money, rather than the red animated character used by FED.

Less than 5 hours old, BRRR has processed over $300k in volume and seems to be the prominent FOMC-related meme coin on Base as of right now.

With this first-mover advantage and a tiny market cap of $90k, this could be the strongest bet for anyone looking to play the FOMC meme coin narrative over the next 48 hours.


This isn’t just another meme coin; the team has included a reflection tax that drops USDC into the wallets of holders. You don’t need to stake or do anything at all, hold and you will receive USDC from the buy/sell tax (set at 5% for buys and 5% for sells).

There are very few meme coins out there with actual utility, therefore BRRR is a good bet to go on a big run over the next 48 hours as investors seek out FOMC relevant coins whilst also chasing the free USDC.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital

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