Encrypted messaging service Tesla.im accepts Bitcoin donations


The encrypted messaging platform Tesla.im – not to be confused with the automaker Tesla Motors, although that would be pretty cool – announced it started accepting Bitcoin donations.

The service, which is still in beta stage, provides free chat rooms where users can exchange messages protected by AES 256 bit encryption using a master key derived from a minimum of three other keys, one of which is the room secret key set by the user.

However, the platform is always accepting some help to keep their servers warm, as you can check on their pricing page. So they recently added the cryptocurrency option to create a new source of funds.


As stated by many users around the web, Tesla.im deserves the crypto-tips it’s about to get. It’s a great messaging app, with a clean and minimal interface that bets on functionality. The platform allows the users to create private chatrooms and chat with other people, but also to have personal conversations in the encrypted rooms.

According to the site Your Story, the service developers have plans to add paid features in a near future, but there’s the guarantee that chatting will always be free.