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10 Best Crypto Signals Providers for 2024

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With interest in the crypto markets continuing its upward trajectory, and more money flowing in, investors and traders are looking to maximize their profits by taking advantage of the various moves made by the many thousands of cryptocurrencies available to them.

Crypto signals are one way of doing this, but finding a reputable crypto signals provider can be a difficult task. Below are 10 of the best crypto signals providers, ranked, and summarized. I’ve also dived into what crypto signals are, how they work, and whether they’re even worth it.

The Most Accurate Crypto Signals for 2024

Here are summaries of the best crypto signals providers, for those short on time. In the section below I’ll delve into greater detail about the offerings of each of these crypto trading signals providers.

  1. Jacob “Crypto” Bury: Best overall crypto signals, featuring trading signals and new token launches.
  2. Crypto Whale Pumps: Best Telegram crypto trading signals, with a free and premium channel.
  3. Learn2Trade: Telegram crypto trading signals, along with crypto price and crypto news alerts and insights.
  4. Free and VIP Telegram signals from traders who have been trading since 2014.
  5. AltSignals: Highly-rated (4.6-stars, TrustPilot) provider of crypto signals for Binance and ByBit exchanges.
  6. CoinCodeCap: Offering Telegram crypto trading signals for cryptocurrency and NFT markets.
  7. Fat Pigs Signals: Free and VIP crypto signals provider, with a VIP channel offering a huge number of signals to traders.
  8. Wallstreet Queen Official: Best free crypto signals provider, with over 245k followers on Telegram.
  9. Binance Signals: Offering free crypto signals, distributed via Telegram, for the world’s biggest exchange; 145k+ followers.
  10. Fed. Russian Insiders: Crypto signals group for the Binance and ByBit exchanges, with over 125k members.

Best Crypto Trading Signals Reviews

Here I’ll delve deeper into each of the best cryptocurrency trading signals providers and what they offer.

1. Jacob “Crypto” Bury – Best Crypto Signals Provider in 2024

Jacob Bury’s Crypto Clan Discord server has over 21,000 members and delivers members trading signals for cryptocurrencies up and down the market, from the top currencies to the newest meme coins. This is all alongside some of the newest and most exciting presale releases.

Jacob has become known for bringing his followers successful presales in their early stages, with the most successful of those being Sponge (pumped 100x after launch) and Tamadoge (gained 685% after launch).

Jacob crypto bury discord channel

Jacob’s Crypto Clan Discord offers much more than just signals and insights into exciting, upcoming presales. This safe space for cryptocurrency discussion is open to traders of all levels and offers resources and even educational live streams from a resident Crypto Coach. This helps all traders up their trading game while taking advantage of Jacob’s crypto buy signals.

Jacob also runs a YouTube channel, offering users a visual insight into the many presales he finds.


  • Track record of finding successful presales
  • Over 500 trading signals per month
  • Offers trading courses and educational materials
  • Focus on creating a safe community of traders


  • Greater focus on presales than trading signals
  • Some may not like the community focus

Visit Jacob Bury

2. Crypto Whale Pumps – Best Telegram Cryptocurrency Signals

Crypto Whale Pumps uses a proprietary algorithm to monitor activity on the DEXTools platform to search for coins that are ready to break out of their range on the best DEXes and deliver profits for investors in the know.

The Crypto Whale Pumps team also keeps their eyes peeled for the newest presale token, assessing them to find the ones that they believe have huge 50x and 100x potential. 


crypto whale pumps telegram channel

To offer continued support for the signals they send to users, the Crypto Whale Pumps team regularly updates their crypto signals Telegram group with news and technical analysis for the coins they’ve already delivered signals for. This allows members to stay ahead and plan their exit if they think conditions have changed.

Crypto Whale Pumps offers a lifetime subscription for $1,000 or charges $100 per month. Alongside this premium channel, where users receive up to 10 signals per week, there is also a free channel that provides users updates on trades and offers some free crypto signals.


  • Signals on DEXs and centralized exchanges
  • Continued technical analysis of placed trades
  • Lifetime membership for the price of 10 months
  • Continually on the lookout for presales with high potential


  • Expensive monthly rate
  • One of the lowest numbers of signals

Visit Crypto Whale Pumps

3. Learn2Trade – Free and VIP Crypto Signals Telegram Groups

The Learn2Trade crypto signals team has a combined market experience of 15 years, which is shared through two crypto Telegram groups. A free group that offers users up to 3 free cryptocurrency trading signals per week, allowing them to get a taste of the offerings from the VIP group before committing to signing up.


The VIP crypto signals group costs 39GBP per month and users receive up to 5 signals a day, with a maximum number of 70 crypto buy signals or crypto sell signals per week. Those looking for longer subscriptions can receive a 50% discount for a 12 month subscription or pay 400 GBP for a lifetime subscription.

Learn2Trade boasts a success rate of 79%, alongside an impressive 82% retention rate, showing that a majority of traders who sign up find their signal valuable. Finally, for those looking to expand their trading horizons, the Learn2Trade platform also offers a forex signal group.


  • 79% success rate
  • 3.9-star rating on TrustPilot
  • Also offer forex signals for those looking for more than cryptocurrency signals
  • High number of free signals


  • Can’t confirm success rate claims
  • Can’t confirm retention rate claims

Visit Learn2Trade

4. – Free and Paid Crypto Signals Telegram Channels

Active since 2014, the platform offers users access to both free and paid Telegram crypto trading signals. Those who subscribe to the free channel receive up to 3 suggestions per week, while VIP subscribers receive a substantial 2–5 signals per day—all delivered via Telegram.

The platform touts an 82% success rate for its services and purportedly boasts over 50,000 subscribers. How they stand out from many of their competitors is that each signal boasts an explanation of the technical analysis that made this trade viable.

The team behind has been trading since 2014, and has been sourced from all over the world. However, it is worth noting their TrustPilot rating of 1.8-stars before committing any money.

Access to the VIP Telegram channel costs 42 GBP per month, but this is reduced to 17.50GBP per month when billed annually.


  • High number of free alerts
  • Good discount for buying annual plans
  • Highly detailed trading signals
  • Focus on centralized exchanges for ease of trading


  • Poor customer ratings
  • Unprovable success rating


5. AltSignals – Most Highly-Rated Crypto Signals Provider

Trading since 2017, the AltSignals team offers some of the best paid crypto signals on the internet, delivered via dedicated Telegram channels. Crypto signals from AltSignals come in three different forms:

  • Futures signals for the Binance futures platform
  • High leverage scalping signals for the Binance and ByBit exchanges
  • Mid- to long-term spot trades on the Binance exchange

Each of these groups costs $125 per month, but there are also quarterly and lifetime plans available—and users can also pay in Bitcoin if they choose to.


In addition to the aforementioned crypto trading signals, the AltSignals team also offers Forex signals, in a separate Telegram group, and users can also pay to access their AltAlgo indicator, which runs in TradingView—this is the algorithm that provides all the signals given in the other groups.

Finally, AltSignals is the platform on this list that has received the highest rating from its customers, with a total of 4.6-stars from over 500 reviews on TrustPilot.


  • High customer rating of 4.6-stars
  • Multiple different signals groups
  • Can take control of the signals process by paying to access the algorithm 
  • Offer signals for specific exchange markets


  • High monthly cost
  • Can get expensive if you want more than one type of signal

6. CoinCodeCap – Telegram Signals for Future, Spot, Leverage, and NFT Markets

The team behind CoinCodeCap offers users signals for a variety of markets, most notably users can receive, spot market signals, high leverage signals, low leverage futures signals, and NFT signals.

With free weekly signals for those that just want to test the waters, and a 7-day-money-back-guarantee, CoinCodeCap is aiming to differentiate itself from many of its competitors. This shows in its 4.3-star rating on TrustPilot.


CoinCodeCap monitors trading pairs 24/7 and does not try to guarantee a particular number of trades per month, instead focusing on quality over quantity, and the number of signals increases when the market conditions are right.

They also encourage users to automate their trades using the Cornix Trading Bot, for which users get a 14-day free trial. Finally, users can also ask for an on-demand market analysis from the CoinCodeCap team.


  • Signals for numerous markets including NFTs
  • Highly-rated by existing users
  • Can select which channels you want to pay for
  • Offer daily news updates
  • Signals rely on market conditions (rather than trying to hit specific deliverables)


  • Not many user ratings
  • Only offer lifetime subscription plans through the website

7. Fat Pigs Signals – Signals from Professional Traders

The Fat Pigs Signals group started as a group of professional traders who were crypto enthusiasts and talked crypto markets every day. The community kept growing, and in 2017, they launched their YouTube livestream, which is still running today.

Fat Pig Signals

Now they offer free cryptocurrency trading signals alongside a paid, VIP signals group that offers much more than just trading signals for major exchanges. Other benefits received by members of the VIP group include: 

  • Portfolio strategies
  • Regular market analysis for Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • New project reviews and recommendations
  • Yield farming opportunities
  • Market news updates

The signals received from Fat Pig Signals are based on both technical and fundamental analysis and their website offers a summary of the outcomes of previous signals, for each month.


  • Professional traders operating in this space since 2016</li>
  • Free and VIP groups
  • Monitor markets 24/7
  • VIP members get numerous additional perks


  • One of the most expensive signals providers on this list
  • Might not be affordable for many users

8. Wallstreet Queen Official – Best Free Provider of Crypto Signals

The Wallstreet Queen Official Telegram channel offers high-quality, free crypto trading signals to users, and has amassed the largest following on this list with over 245,000 followers to date.

This account offers crypto signals for a wide variety of markets and coins, and each crypto signal is served up with a technical analysis explaining why the trade should be taken.

In addition to all this, the Wallstreet Queen Official account also provides crypto news updates and information on market trends.

Wallstreet Queen Official

What really makes Wallstreet Queen Official stand out from its competitors is its commitment to and focus on educating its audience as to what is going on in the markets, and how they’ve analyzed the charts and markets to complete their trading signals.

Finally, a VIP group is offered and one must message the Wallstreet Queen Official admin to receive pricing and more info.


  • Highly reputable crypto signals provider
  • Large and trusting following
  • Technical analysis summary comes with each trade
  • Focuses on providing education and information for the audience


  • No information on VIP channel without contacting moderator
  • Only a Telegram channel, no other outlets

9. Binance Signals – Free Crypto Trading Signals for the Biggest Crypto Exchange

The Binance Signals Telegram group is committed to offering the best crypto trading signals for Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange.

In this Telegram channel, which has amassed over 145,000 followers at the time of writing, users can receive free cryptocurrency signals for coins offered on the Binance trading platform.

While it might seem that using just one exchange is limiting, Binance offers users over 400 coins, across almost 1,500 trading pairs; from big hitters like Bitcoin and Ethereum all the way down to meme coins like Pepe and Sponge, across spot, futures, and margin markets.

Binance Signals

Trades are offered over numerous different time frames and come complete with chart analysis, which readers can then confirm, and further research, before acting.

Finally, this Telegram signals account delivers succinct news updates, and important headlines, tagging them as #bearish or #bullish to help better define the impact of these news events.


  • Signals are offered over multiple different timeframes
  • Succinct news updates
  • Focuses on the world’s biggest crypto exchange
  • All signals are free


  • Focuses on just one exchange
  • No paid services for those looking for more

10. Fed. Russian Insiders – Telegram Crypto Signals for Binance and ByBit

The Fed. Russian Insiders Telegram group, established in 2017, offers users trades that its experts have validated on the Binance and ByBit exchange—although they can certainly be used on other exchanges too.

Currently the Fed. Russian Insiders group has over 125,000 subscribers in its free channel. Here it delivers periodic crypto trading signals and, in between these, the channel also offers users other interesting data charts along with news headlines and market overviews.

Fed Russian Insiders

Using Fibonacci sequences and other technical indicators the Fed. Russian Insiders platform looks for long, short, and medium-term crypto signals for traders, and backs them up by passing on the technical analysis to their members.

Lastly, subscribers to the Fed. Russian Insiders VIP Telegram group will pay $750 for a one month subscription, $1,300 for three months, or can opt to pay $2,200 for a lifetime subscription.


  • Popular channel running since 2017
  • Supplementary charts and news items for free subscribers
  • Backup method for loss of account for paid VIP members
  • Offers signals for two exchanges, Binance and ByBit


  • Unverifiable claim of “most profitable trading community in the world”
  • Only presence is on Telegram

Top Crypto Signals Groups Compared

Signal Provider No. of Signals Free Signals? Delivery Method Fee
Jacob “Crypto” Bury 500+ per month No Discord $10.50 – $103.50 pm
Crypto Whale Pumps Up to 10 per week Yes Telegram $100 per month

($1,000 lifetime)

Learn2Trade Up to 5 per day Yes Telegram 40 GBP per month

(400GBP lifetime) 2-5 per week Yes Telegram 42 GBP per month
AltSignals Varies

(2–100+ per month)

No Telegram $125 per month

($1,196 lifetime)

CoinCodeCap Varies by market conditions Yes Telegram $499 (lifetime crypto)

$599 (lifetime NFT)

Fat Pigs Signals N/A Yes Telegram $950 for 3 months
Wallstreet Queen Official N/A Yes Telegram N/A
Binance Signals Varies Yes Telegram N/A
Fed. Russian Insiders 250 per month (average) Yes Telegram $750 per month

($2,200 lifetime)

What are Cryptocurrency Signals?

Cryptocurrency signals are typically buy or sell alerts for a cryptocurrency, which come from a crypto signals provider. They can be sourced from algorithms that work like trading bots, and analyze the markets for opportunities based on set criteria, or from trading experts who use their knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis to find trading signals for assets.

These crypto buy and sell signals are, typically, delivered in a standard format, meaning that it’s not too difficult to move from one provider to another. A standard cryptocurrency signal features 5 elements:

  • Asset: The name and token symbol of the asset the specific trading signal is for, typically accompanied by the trading pair the signal is for.
  • Buy/Sell: Whether or not this signal is to buy or sell. Can also be replaced by long/short on some platforms.
  • Entry Price: Where the trader should enter the trade.
  • Stop Loss: The limit that, when hit, invalidates the trade from the analysis done by the creator.
  • Take Profit: The target level for users to take profits once the move is in place. Most platforms will provide traders with 2–3 take-profit levels.

Depending on the signal provider, this list may also contain a leverage section, for suggested leverage multiples for leverage traders. Some platforms also provide a risk rating or risk score for their trades, indicating the likeliness that the trade retraces to the stop-loss level and the amount of capital a trader might want to risk on it.

Crypto signals are not, however, limited to the above, and the best crypto signals providers will provide a range of other alerts to their subscribers to help keep them informed of the goings in the markets—helping them to make the most informed trading decisions.

Other alerts that the best crypto signals providers might provide alongside trading signals include:

  • Movements in the price of top cryptocurrencies, or milestones hit, e.g., Bitcoin surpasses $50,000
  • News items that can impact prices and movements in the cryptocurrency markets, e.g., Ripple vs SEC lawsuit thrown out (XRP gained over 38% afterward) 
  • Release of exciting new crypto presales as or before they hit the market, like some of those that rank as the best crypto presale project for 2024

Ultimately, crypto trading signals allow traders and investors with limited time and knowledge to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of others, while also allowing signal providers with the knowledge to perform analysis or build trading bots to make a living from their knowledge.

How Do Crypto Trading Signals Work?

Crypto trading signals provide the trader with the outline of a potential trade that has been informed by some form of market analysis—typically technical analysis in the crypto world. The trader can then choose to place the trade or not, along with how much they want to risk on that trade.

Crypto trading signals are different from AI trading bots which monitor technical indicators to look for signals and then react to them by placing trades for the user, both entering and exiting the trade to take profits and protect the user’s losses. They run automatically and require little input from the user.

As shown above, crypto trading signals provide users with 5 important pieces of information:

  • Which asset to trade as a part of an asset pair.
  • Which direction the signal is in.
  • An upcoming price at which the trader should consider entering the trade, called an Entry Price and also the price at which the signal is considered valid.
  • A price in the opposite direction, stop-loss, that is considered to be the price at which the signal will be considered void.
  • Take profit levels which users can set to ensure that they receive some profits from the trade.

A trader will receive all this information and they can then head over to their chosen trading platform, if the platform has not been specified by the signal provider, and inspect the market to see if they agree with the parameters of the trade.

If they do, they simply enter the trade, typically as a limit trade to execute at the price specified on the signal, and also input the recommended stop-loss and take-profit limits to protect their funds or successfully take profits once the levels are reached.

This means the trade is then set to execute automatically without the trader needing to watch the market themselves.

As will all things trading, signals are subject to the forces of the market and may or may not occur. It is up to the trader to take the information given to them in the signal and assess its viability themselves.

While signals can be used by those with no trading experience, and it is an excellent way to start learning to trade, the trader is ultimately responsible for placing the trade and the outcome of that trade.

How I Ranked Crypto Signals Groups

In order to rank the best crypto signals, it was necessary to first create a set of criteria by which each signal provider would be judged, and, as I researched each provider, I gathered this data for ranking these crypto trading signal providers.

The points below are the main criteria by which the crypto signal reviews above were ranked.

  • Success Percentage: The most important factor for ranking cryptocurrency signals providers is: how successful are their signals? Anyone with a little trading knowledge can write a convincing-looking trading signal, however, only those who know what they’re doing can consistently create successful trading signals.
  • Number of signals: Providers who provide more signals are more likely to rank higher in any rankings of crypto signals providers. This is also weighted, however, by the provider’s success percentage with those signals.
  • Fees: Each signal provider will charge a fee for those who want to access their crypto trading signals, the fee, quite obviously, will vary by provider. Those that charge a fee will be conscious of what their competitors charge and offer. When considering the fee charged by signal platforms I also weighted it with the number of signals provided, and the overall success percentage of the platform.
  • Free Signals: Many paid crypto signal providers will also offer free signals. This helps to tempt users to the paid version of their platform and provides a place for users to test out the signals and services of the platform prior to committing to paying for full access.
  • Accessibility/Platform: Different providers will choose to use different channels or platforms to provide their signals. Telegram is the best crypto signals app, however, other providers do use Discord, their own proprietary platform, and even just a website. Those that use platforms where users can subscribe to receive push notifications, such as on Telegram, will typically rank higher.

Extras: Many of the most successful signals platforms have matured to also offer their customers other services alongside crypto signals. This can include the other types of alerts discussed above, educational content, or signals for other markets, such as the stock market or forex markets.

Do Crypto Signals Really Work?

Crypto signals and chart analysis are not an exact science, however, they distill trading down from a mere gamble to a game of probability—improving the odds for the trader by allowing them to make better informed trades. The success of a specific crypto signal hinges on two specific things:

The Quality of the Signal Researcher: Anyone can make a prediction about the future of currency X and state that it is going to go up or down. However, only someone with experience and knowledge of technical analysis can make regular predictions that have a greater likelihood of coming true.

The Market Moving in the Right Direction: Your Bitcoin signal may have come from the best crypto signaler in the world, but if Binance’s cold wallet (~$27 billion worth of Bitcoin) gets hacked right after they’ve predicted that Bitcoin is going to skyrocket then they’re going to be wrong.

Crypto signals work using historical data and trends, combined with charting tools and indicators to help predict how a coin is likely to move in the future.

There are hundreds of indicators that analysts can use, and each of these is fine-tunable, across many different charting time frames; meaning that it is possible for two analysts to draw differing conclusions for the same assets.

Then there’s also the overall mood of the market to take into account when judging whether a crypto is ready to make a move or not.

While crypto signals are not a golden ticket to profitable trading, they can greatly help you to make more informed trades and to increase your personal trading prowess by learning how professionals analyze the markets.

Moreover, crypto trading signals allow you to take advantage of the knowledge of professionals to better inform your trades, while not having to walk the long—and typically full of expensive mistakes—road to becoming an expert trader.



What Are Signals in Crypto Trading?

Crypto trading signals are based on the technical analysis of charts and are recommendations for the buying or selling of a particular cryptocurrency at a particular price.

Are Crypto Trading Signals Worth It?

Crypto trading signals can inform investors of potential movements in cryptocurrencies, that they can then use to better inform their trading activity.

Finding a creditable crypto trading signal provider is critical to receiving successful crypto trading signals.

How Do You Find Crypto Signals?

Trading signals come from a variety of sources, with the most popular sources being Telegram groups where analysts post their signals.

They can also come through dedicated websites, social platforms, and social feeds on exchanges.

What is The Success Rate of Crypto Signals?

The success rate of crypto trading signals varies by platform, analyst, and a whole other host of conditions. The way to test a platform’s success rate is to look back through their previous signals and see what percentage of them were successful.

Which Crypto Signals Are Most Accurate?

The most accurate crypto signals come from reputable signal providers with a history of posting accurate signals. However, each crypto signal should be judged on its own, despite the reputation of its provider.

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