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Rebranding, Interviews, and A Full List of Coin Pages

A week or so ago, we announced multiple features that will be coming to Coin Brief in the near future, or have been recently implemented.  Many of those are still in development, as we work the kinks out before a public release, but many of you have likely noticed our updated logo and some color changes on Coin Brief.  We will continue to tinker with the colors until we get exactly the look we want, and other areas of the site will continue to evolve, but we hope that our users enjoy our new look.

Beyond that, we have two new sections on our menu.

The first is “Interviews”, which will contain our past interviews, as well as any future interviews we release.  Within the next few days, look forward to seeing a rather interesting interview, in our opinion, with the CEO of one of the major players in the mining industry.

The second is “Coin Pages“, which will take you to a basic list of all of our currently available Coin Pages.  Our Coin Pages provide, when available, a list of all articles related to a specific digital currency, social media charts, a price chart, a mining difficulty chart, a “What Is” page, and a mining calculator for that specific coin.  Previously, it was not immediately obvious how to access each of these pages, nor which currencies we were currently monitoring.

Two quick notes, there is a known issue with 42coin and Octocoin.  Those two currencies have a coin code that is numeric only (42 and 888 respectively), and that seems to be causing an issue.  It will be corrected very soon.  Secondly, if you navigate to a Coin Page and the only article that is shown is this article, please feel free to write an article to submit to Coin Brief.  If we like your article, we will use it, and we are always looking for new, quality writers to join our team.  If you have an article to submit, or would just like to send us feedback, ask questions, or point out a bug, please feel free to send us an email at contact form

Our other updates will be released as soon as they are available, and we look forward to providing a continually growing list of features and analytic tools for our users.  We appreciate the support we have been shown thus far, and hope we can continue to meet, or exceed, your expectations.


Thank you all!

-The Coin Brief Team

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