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Canada has a marketing group working in favor of Bitcoin and a new restaurant that accepts cryptocurrency

Great things in the Bitcoin world are currently coming from Canada. From the Bitcoin Embassy project set to be established in Montreal to the general acceptance of cryptocurrency in businesses throughout the country, the latest news we had from The Great White North were about the amazing “Edyn Project”.

This idea intends to raise awareness about cryptocurrency through a series of fictional work about a world where virtual coin is the star of the story. The project, which is being funded through Bitcoinstarter, was created by the Cottontail Marketing group that works to make Bitcoin part of our daily life.

The team recently went to a new restaurant in Vancouver that now accepts Bitcoin and talked about it in a post on their blog. The name of this German sausage place is Bestie. The food is delicious and the service is friendly, according to this opinion. You can try some “currywurst, pretzels and ginger cookie ice cream sandwiches”.

As for the Cottontail Marketing group, they keep on working to develop their newest project. Just a few days ago, they published this update:

Rumours have it that four of the largest technology empire families are joining forces for the new Edyn Project, a utopian revamping of the abandoned White City.

Each of these families suffered great tragedy during the Fall of Lu Min Academy when sixty years ago, the White City’s most prestigious school was struck by a plague that feeds off strong magicians. The resulting fever claimed hundreds of students who then in their delirium killed hundreds of other students and teachers. Only a few dozen individuals survived. Among them were the seeds of what would become the next generation of cultural heavy-hitters.

In the desert that followed the massacre of the most talented minds of a generation, the general populace was suffering from a drastic drop in quality of life. They feared using magic for fear of the return of the plague but it had become so woven into the fabric of their lives that even some of the most basic tasks became huge feats. Four families with ambition and vision rose up and technology stepped in to take over where magic left off. Previously a desert, the technology sector took off as people turned to new innovations to perform the tasks they had always relied upon magic for. Over the last sixty years, the industry has boomed and no one has profited more than the commonly called Four Moon Families.

Now, in their quest to push the boundaries and continue imagining the future, individuals of these four families have joined together to create “The Wondersmith Collective”, a group that will revitalize the beloved White City into a habitable place again.

Promising state-of-the-art technology from their various companies, The Wondersmith Collective hopes to create a jewel of modern living, combining the latest in robotics, digital currency, and artificial intelligence to create a utopia to help heal the pain of a generation lost.

“It is our desire”, shares Priya, representative of the Black Moon company she created with her brother, “to heal some of the deep-seated pain this city represents. By sharing our technologies and offering them freely for others to use, it is our desire to usher in a new age of prosperity and co-operation for our people”.

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