Buy original content at the Big Brother Bundle with cryptocurrency

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

The Big Brother Bundle at the platform Vodo is now accepting Bitcoin. The group decided to open its doors to cryptocurrency due to “popular demand”, according to an announcement made on Reddit.

This bundle, curated by Daniel Domscheit-Berg (ex-Wikileaks), is composed of “filmmakers, musicians, artists, writers and technologists” spread across the world, from Europe to Asia, without forgetting Canada. Here you can find games, films, comics and other cool stuff, thanks to the team that dedicates its time to find content and getting it to the users in a simple way.

“We consulted privacy experts, activists, film festival directors, games consultants. We commissioned art and music. Did deals, took risks, broke rules and lost sleep to bring you this bundle”, it’s possible to read on the bundle’s page.

Shortly after the announcement was made, the bundle informed that had received “a couple orders” in Bitcoin. According to the Big Brother Bundle, every purchase supports the non-profit organization Fight For The Future, “helping to keep the Internet free for all of us”.

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