SatoshiDICE owner launches new off-the-blockchain game called Tribute

SatoshiDICE Tribute is the name of the new game created by the owners of SatoshiDICE, which will conduct its transactions off the blockchain, Coindesk reports.

Although the people who bought the original SatoshiDICE from Erik Voorhees in July are still keeping their identity in the dark, a representative of the new owners revealed the firm was enhancing the game. Kat Brown, head of product and marketing for the company, said Tribute will include session-based accounts and a developer API.

“Casinos that haven’t integrated Bitcoin are really doing their players a disservice. They might as well take down their website and offer bets via carrier pigeon”, she told Coindesk.

The new game, which is costing up to $1 million to produce, was already in development when Voorhees sold the firm. Tribute works by giving a portion of every roll’s wager to the top three ranked players on the site. The rankings change all the time, and are reset to zero daily, so the competition might get fierce. As stated by the company, players could earn “hundreds of Bitcoins” through Tribute payments.

And with the session-based accounts, comes a new feature: Tribute is played off the blockchain, unlike the original SatoshiDICE. Nevertheless, deposits and withdrawals are still handled via the blockchain, as zero-confirmation transactions. According to the firm managing the platform, the new game Tribute will not replace the original SatoshiDICE, which is now called SatoshiDICE Classic.

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