Anonymous administrator tells how he used school computers to make money with Bitcoins

Although this is not a recent story, we decided to bring it up and understand how some people made money with Bitcoin a while ago. Did you hear about the school system administrator that used the institution’s computers to make money with digital currency? This really happened, in the New York area (USA).

This anonymous administrator turned his school’s computers into a server farm, but made his story public anyway. The man revealed that the 15 computers he was using had “a Daemon that runs at startup that basically calls a specialized script”. Each one of the computers “has its unique username and password, logs into a server, gets a chunk of mathematical work to do, and reports back when it has a solution”, he told at the time.

When questioned about the legality of this situation, he said this: “well, Bitcoins are legal. Using the computers to do this? I am pretty sure that’s a grey area. I’d be hard-pressed to tell you which law I was breaking. I am pretty sure my employers wouldn’t be thrilled if they found it though”.

And what about his opinion about Bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrency? “It’s really devious. Since it can’t be stopped and because it’s completely anonymous. Really, it’s either going somewhere or it’s going nowhere“.

“People may find it too impractical and that not enough people are running it, or nobody is accepting them and it just becomes an erroneous currency that doesn’t really have any value. The problem is it’s value is how much people want it”, he said. The anonymous school administrator also stated that “if nobody wants Bitcoins, why would you accept Bitcoins? Or it goes somewhere and it becomes a competing currency in the world market. The third option is that it’s made very illegal with very stiff fines”.

After all this time, we’re still waiting to see what happens. For now, it seems that Bitcoin is only getting stronger. But, hey, this might be just an effect of our affection googles.

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