ZeroBlock buys RTBTC and boosts Blockchain's plan to attract investors

Last updated on March 17th, 2015 at 04:46 pm

The Bitcoin mobile app ZeroBlock, acquired by at the end of last year, has now purchased RTBTC, a real-time Bitcoin trading platform and provider of market data.

The main goal, according to Coindesk, is to help ZeroBlock attract more institutional investors by improving the platform, as ZeroBlock’s news feed will now be embedded in the new trading platform. The feature will guarantee traders have real-time access to all the news that are affecting the market in just one place.


“ZeroBlock enables real time trading on the Bitstamp exchange through a web-based trading platform interface”, reads the platform’s website.

A better trading experience starts here. Combining the features you’ve come to expect from a real time Bitcoin market data site with a superb charting package, the ZeroBlock trading platform is your gateway to the Bitcoin exchanges.

The deal was exclusively made in Bitcoin (although the value is still secret) and it will turn RTBTC’s lead developer, Clark Moody, into the new member of the Blockchain team.

With this acquisition, ZeroBlock will launch paid services. While the news feed will still be free, the integrated trading options can be used without any limits for $20 per month.

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