Worried about your Bitcoins? A Swiss cryptocurrency trader can store them in a nuclear bunker



Since the Swiss government allowed private firms to buy or rent some of the country’s fallout shelters built during the Cold War period, a lot of new original businesses have popped up. One of them was created by a cryptocurrency trader that decided to use some of the 7,000 available bunkers to safely store digital coins, allowing super-secure mining and trading as well.

Richard Porubcan is the pseudonym of this Swiss entrepreneur, according to Forbes, who’d rather not reveal his true identity. Although this could evoke some suspicions, the trader seems legit: he runs a successful virtual currency mining operation called GMP, which attracts investment through a website called Cryptostocks, and maintains regular contact with his many shareholders.

His operation has a “white” rating on the exchange, which means that he has been playing by the rules and paying back to his investors. Forbes reports that his business is located in a German-speaking part of Switzerland called Kreuzlingen.

_44005331_01About this new initiative, Porubcan describes it as a project that will provide apocalypse-proof Bitcoin bunkers that allow super-safe mining, trade or storage of digital cash, serving as vital nodes in a “decentralized and neutral” financial system.

Maria Santos

Maria is an experienced journalist currently living in the UK. She has been writing about Bitcoin and the altcoin universe since 2013. She is also a member of the Lifeboat Foundation's New Money Systems Board and a big cryptocurrency supporter.


  1. hi peaps i realy need supplise from yall put it in the bunker in switzerland yellowstone volcano is going to erupt cange of plan it could happen any day .

  2. That is the most stupid thing I ever read.

    You do realise that bitcoin is just a number which gets slightly bigger every day until 2140, right? It doesn’t exist in the physical world – otherwise it wouldn’t squeeze through your internet cable.

    Why would you need to protect a number on the blockchain, or a pair of strings of letters and numbers, from physical damage?

    Are you going to backup your wallet’s private keys to a memory card, and give it to some guy who won’t tell you his name to “look after” it for you in a dripping cold war hole in the ground, which may ormay not be an EMP-hardened faraday cage?

    Or are you going to print the two keys onto a bit of paper, keep it in the pages of a book, and never give your keys to an anonymous stranger in a russian-built bunker in East germany?

  3. That’s just retarded.
    DOn’t trust a person with a pseudonym.

    Better buy your own bunker in Switzerland, they’re cheap.

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