What’s the deal with Litecoin? [infographic]

When Litecoin was launched, a bit over two years ago, it was announced as the new and improved version of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that would change the system. But did it conquered all its goals or is that road too long for its short life?

At 99Bitcoins, we like to hear your informed opinion about Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency, so we decided to share this LTC infographic with you. Learn everything you need to know and make up your mind.


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I feel that Litecoin will gain a big boost by being traded on Mt. Gox and subsequently, being added to Coinbase in the US. This should enable it to trade more independently of Bitcoin and gain its own following. The mining is more democratic and the architecture is better than Bitcoin, from the standpoint of daily global commerce. Personally, although Bitcoin is still the bright and shiny new ball, I feel that Litecoin has the potential to become the “daily use” cryptocurrency, whereas Bitcoin may become the international, large funds transfer and/or store of value currency. Software designed for Bitcoin… Read more »