Welcome to the future: meet the cryonic Bitcoin mining machine

Since we saw this, we know that it’s almost impossible for the average computer to mine Bitcoins efficiently. This is the main reason why mining machines have been blooming like mushrooms and, today, we bring you another example of evolution.

Meet the Cryonic FrostBit, from Cryoniks Inc., a machine that can only be considered a PC if we’re talking about its name. The device has some futuristic features: it contains a liquid nitrogen generator, special ASIC chips and don’t forget about the special price around $15,000. A value that you can’t, strangely, pay in Bitcoins.

“It’s the first time a ‘PC’ has been built for consumers with built-in liquid nitrogen generators. We use helium compression technology to super-cool condensers that in turn condense nitrogen air into its liquid form. There’s nothing even remotely similar available to the consumers”, says Fahad Koumaiha, the CEO of Cryoniks.

“By sustaining cryonic temperatures we were able to achieve superconductivity with our custom designed ASIC processors. Not only do we get a huge boost in speed, but we cut down power consumption to around 2800W per unit; significantly less than anything on the market today”, he adds.

While the average PC hits only 200W, this mining machine can hit peaks of 2800W and perform 1000 Gigahashes per second. The company is planning to ship the Cryonic Bitcoin FrostBit in July, so if you’re serious about Bitcoin mining and want to invest in a good machine, think about it.

Via techcrunch.com

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