Podcasts, Discussions, and Video Interviews Now Available on Coin Brief

A quick update, for those that did not see the change.  All of our YouTube channel videos are now available from our top menu, under the “Videos” dropdown.  These include:  “Podcasts“; which are our full length, weekly podcasts; “Discussions“, which are edited, 5-15 minute clips from our podcasts that cover a specific topic; and “Interviews“, which are simply a collection of our video interviews.

The interview section is a little bit light at the moment.  Still, we do have an interview with Erik Voorhees, the co-founder of Satoshi Dice, Former Director of Marketing for Bitinstant, and founder of Coinapult, as well as Sam Patterson, the Operational Support Lead for OpenBazaar, and a couple of others.  We will be working to secure more interviews in the near future.

If you are involved with a current Cryptocurrency-related company, system, or project and would like to chat with either Evan Faggart or myself, please feel free to contact us.

We have also been considering having guests for the weekly podcast.  Again, if you are involved with Cryptocurrency, and have a project you would like to discuss, but would prefer to not do a formal interview, that may be a better option.

We hope that our users enjoy the videos we have released so far, and will continue to make more for the foreseeable future.  Thank you all for your support!

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