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PR: Trucoin Opens to Thousands on Its Waitlist in Over Two Dozen States, the fastest way to buy the most bitcoin using a Visa or MasterCard, is soft launching to its waitlist in over two dozen states.

Atlanta, GA — October 28, 2014 — After a successful pilot program that included eight states, Trucoin is now open to over two dozen states with more soon to follow. The pilot program provided Trucoin with a chance to enhance the speed and ease with which customers can create an account and buy. Using advanced fraud detection, Trucoin boasts a service that gives customers the most spending power to buy bitcoin using a Visa or MasterCard. Trucoin has also ensured that it is legally compliant in all states it operates in.

“Since 2011 compliance has been part of what we knew would be a key to long-term success in this space,” said Trucoin co-founder and President, Chris Brunner. “It’s no easy task because it does impact all facets of the business, but having taken that approach from day one means that it is something we are uniquely prepared for.”

“We felt it was extremely important to offer everyone the ability to own a useful amount, in a matter of minutes. Buying and owning bitcoin is something that the less tech savvy should be able to do effortlessly. Once people actually own and use bitcoin, they begin to see the possibilities,” said Brent James of head of marketing at Trucoin.

“New technology adoption benefits from a customer­-conscious experience. It can help flatten the learning curve and allows more people to have fun using new things,” said James.

In addition to buying bitcoin, Trucoin provides customers with flexibility when it comes to their bitcoin. Customers may have their bitcoin delivered instantly to one of their external wallet addresses or maintain it in their Trucoin account which is PCI compliant and protected using encryption and proper security protocols.

“While we do allow customers to safely store some bitcoin with us, we encourage consumers to learn and decide what methods they prefer for storing and using their bitcoin,” said Brunner. “Part of what makes bitcoin great is the freedom of control it offers everyone.”

About Trucoin Global

Trucoin is an industry leading FinTech company specializing in the digital currency sector. At present, Trucoin is pioneering compliance and ease of use within Bitcoin community globally.


For more information:

Brent A. James

VP Marketing and Communication

Email – [email protected]

Phone – 720-465-6493

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