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Top 3 Gaming Crypto Coins March 2024: Why GameFi is Going to the Moon

What is GameFi? Discover one of the highest growth verticals for crypto 2024 and uncover GameFi crypto - learn the top 3 gaming crypto coins.

GameFi coins are emerging as one of 2024’s biggest crypto trends, but as investors around the world race to stack gaming crypto coins, what is GameFi? And what are the best GameFi crypto to buy for the year ahead?

Last year saw the GameFi sector hit heavily as blockchain gaming took a nosedive, plummeting 86% from its peak values.

However, with fresh retail capital flooding back into the crypto space – the tide is turning, and things are looking up. Indeed, CoinGecko reports that GameFi emerged as the second most popular narrative within the crypto space in 2023 – thanks to major industry players diving into blockchain gaming.


Currently over two-thirds of the world’s top game studios are now exploring GameFi opportunities, with giants like Take-Two Interactive, Nexon, Konami Holdings, and Ubisoft developing Web3 games.

This movement, coupled with the anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin halving, is setting the stage for exponential growth in blockchain gaming throughout 2024 – with that said, here are the top 3 gaming crypto coins to own.

Gaming Crypto Coins #1 Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA)


Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA) is shaping up to be a crypto ‘Clash of Clans’, Clash of Clans was one of the first games, amongst a wave of indie titles, to show that you don’t need superior graphics to succeed as a video game.

Heroes of Mavia is attempting to supercharge this low-graphics indie model with new GameFi elements such as the ‘play-to-earn’ mechanism —meaning you’ll be able to earn money through the game — with comparable gameplay to Clash of Clans.

Heroes of Mavia is still below the $300m market cap, sitting around $6, this highlights an opportunity for GameFi investors to capture major growth in the year ahead when one considers that Axie Infinity hammered up to around $6Bn-$8Bn in market cap during the 2021 bull market.

You can also buy land in the game via NFTs from Open Sea, and earn passive income rewards through rent in RUBY and MAVIA, their in-game cryptocurrency – the Mavia ecosystem also offers the ability for holders to stake their land to earn rewards.

Gaming Crypto Coins #2 Enjin (ENJ)


Built on Ethereum, Enjin (ENJ) is considered by many to be a surefire GameFi investment; it’s like investing in the Microsoft of the gaming crypto coins world. Enjin allows game developers to manage and integrate NFTs into traditional video games using an in-built Enjin layer.

Besides being the platform where the biggest crypto video games are created, this is what they’ve accomplished in recent years:

  • Launched as the world’s first comprehensive Web3 game development platform and ecosystem in 2017.
  • Completed the largest NFT migration in history from Ethereum to the Enjin Blockchain, transferring 200 million NFTs.
  • Joined the UN Global Compact for its contributions to environmental protection and decarbonizing NFTs on Ethereum
  • Microsoft Azure reward program runs on Enjin’s token
  • Minecraft created NFTs with Enjin

Ejin is trading for $0.4944 with a $682,369,384 market cap – suggesting that similarly to Mavia, ENJ could still make as much as a 10x move if it’s able to repeat the success of Axie Infinity in 2021.

Gaming Crypto Coins #3 Nakamoto Games (NAKA)


Nakamoto Games (NAKA) is the ultimate Web3 gaming hub with over 200 games live on its now trending GameFi platform.


In a first of its kind, Nakamoto Games has launched direct gaming through Telegram without any additional downloads, available via @NAKAGamesBot.

This targets an exponentially growing niche in the crypto community, with activities increasingly centered on Telegram community channels and Telegram bot-based casinos such as TG Casino.

They have consistently outperformed most other gaming projects in 2024, now ranked at 259 by market cap currently standing at $173m, and NAKA is trading at $2.65 as of March 2024.

This suggests monumental growth potential for NAKA, with $173m offering an entry into a potential 34x returns if Nakamoto Games repeats Axie Infinity’s 2021 successes.

The Bottom Line: GameFi Coins Bound With Opportunity in 2024

The mid-April Bitcoin halving is expected to propel Bitcoin prices to new heights and catalyze further interest and investment in GameFi as part of an emerging 2024-2025 bull market environment.

Meanwhile, the number of monthly active blockchain gamers skyrocketed by 54.7% in January 2024 compared to the 2023 average, indicating a robust and growing interest in GameFi – many expect BTC’s halving to bolster this trend further. And with major studios entering the space nothing is stopping GameFi especially as major new titles like GTA 6 could steward mainstream adaption of GameFi and Web3 passive income flows – one can dream.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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