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Tensor NFT Marketplace Breaks $640 Million, Ordz Games Announces New Console

NFT News: Tensor NFT Marketplace hits the ground running, offering $200m in TNSR airdrop tokens, and Ordz Ordinal NFTs launch new console...

In this week’s NFT news round-up, the Tensor NFT Marketplace has hit the ground running, after offering $200m in TNSR airdrop tokens to users, and over on Bitcoin street, the Ordz Ordinal NFT collection has revealed the launch of a new console.

The Tensor NFT Marketplace is booming after a successful launch. The platform is now offering $200 million in TNSR tokens via airdrop after catapulting to a staggering $640 million in trading volume in under seven hours.


TNSR’s debut saw it at $1.60 per token, a notable dip from its $2.45 peak. CoinGecko pegged TNSR at $1.19, and it has seen a +36% jump since launch.


New Tensor NFT Marketplace Goes Berserk Amid TNSR Hysteria

Echoing BLUR on Ethereum (the Blur NFT market governance token), Tensor is rolling out a rewards bonanza across four seasons, kicking off on March 4. Think loot boxes and exclusive Tensorian NFTs for the faithful who hold and stake.

One lucky soul bagged 712K TNSR tokens, which is worth a cool $1.15 million right now – talk about giving back!

With 55% of their 1 billion supply earmarked for the community, TNSR tokens are all about letting the crowd steer the Tensor ship.

Do you have tokens to claim? Check your eligibility, but remember, U.S. users are sitting this one out (thank the SEC!).

Ordz Games Launch Original NFT Game Boy

Meanwhile, in other NFT news, Ordz Games is set to release a retro gaming console that’s a throwback to the beloved Game Boy, but with an innovative Web3 twist.

Dubbed the BitBoy One, this device lets you play retro-style games and dive into Bitcoin NFTs, all for a cool $500.


Making its first appearance at Hong Kong’s Web3 Gaming Expo on April 7, the BitBoy One merges the worlds of Bitcoin and Game Boy.

“This device is very deeply rooted in Bitcoin,” explained Z3th, the creator of the console.

“So the whole design language, the naming, is Bitcoin. It’s all going to come with a 3D rendering of the physical device, which will be in an ordinal.”

While priced significantly higher than typical retro consoles, the BitBoy One boasts unique features like playing Bitcoin-based play-to-earn games and functioning as a crypto wallet.


Beyond gaming, the BitBoy One also aims to contribute to a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN), promising users the chance to farm airdrops by simply keeping their devices running.

The NFT market has seen a downtrend, with sales volumes sliding for the fifth consecutive week.

Despite this, Bitcoin-based NFTs have witnessed a surge, marking a notable exception in the current market dynamics.

Bottom Line: NFT Markets On The Rise

Whether it’s merging the nostalgia of retro gaming with the frontier of blockchain or the Tensor NFT marketplace, crypto collectibles have a lot going on right now as traders ponder the potential of another NFT bullrun.

 As the Bitcoin Halving countdown ticks under 10 days, we’re on the edge of our seats, waiting to see if the NFT universe soars or stumbles.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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