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Special Editorial Statement Regarding Homero Joshua Garza

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For the past several months, Mr. Homero Joshua Garza has been the subject of several investigative pieces from the Coin Fire editorial team, contributors, and other staff members. With the reports from Coin Fire regarding Mr. Garza, PayCoin, PayBase, and SEC investigations, Coin Fire has often been the receiver of DDOS attacks, domain hijackings, email server flooding, personal threats, and attacks. These have been directed at Coin Fire staff, servers, contributors, editorial teams, and our social media accounts.

We have been actively pursuing various leads and information regarding these attacks. We have exhausted multiple avenues to determine the source and nature of these attacks while weighing our legal options with law enforcement and security specialists.

Friday, I personally began filing criminal charges and preparing civil suits against the individuals involved with these attacks (including Mr. Garza) and am actively working with law enforcement officials to pursue damages and criminal charges where applicable to bring these individuals to justice.

With the assistance of forensic computer specialists, Coin Fire has obtained two sources of these attacks against the Coin Fire team.

Due to the unique nature of one of these sources of attacks, Coin Fire is going to fully pursue all legal options.

It is my belief, and that of our Editorial board, that taking this action against those individuals is in direct conflict with the very editorial policies that our readers have come to expect from Coin Fire.

We understand that remaining objective, fair, honest, and transparent in our reporting is a primary reason that many of you have made us your home for cryptocurrency news and information. We also collectively understand that filing a lawsuit and pursuing criminal charges and other actions against an individual whom we have reported on previously could raise questions regarding my ability to remain objective in reporting.

For this reason, I am abstaining from personally reporting on Mr. Garza during this process. I am also relinquishing my editorial duties on pieces published about Mr. Garza or related parties to other members of our team who are not involved in this legal action.

We understand that our reporting has been valuable for many in staying up-to-date regarding the situation with Mr. Garza. As such, I will abstain from sharing further information from our investigation until public charges, an administrative action takes place, or my own legal actions against Mr. Garza result in a resolution to this situation. I also will leave all reporting and editorial oversight regarding these individuals to others on staff who are not involved or impacted by these actions.


Mike Johnson

Executive Editor, Coin Fire

Coin Fire is a cryptocurrency news site started on June 6th of 2014. The site focused on hard-hitting investigative stories. Coin Fire was acquired by 99Bitcoins on October 2015.

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15 comments on “Special Editorial Statement Regarding Homero Joshua Garza”

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  1. >Friday, I personally began filing criminal charges..

    In what jurisdiction are you a public prosecutor?

  2. Satoshi Nakamoto

    Your stories are the farthest thing from “objective, fair, honest, and transparent”, Mike you’re a piece of shit liar.



    1. Randy Pan The Goatboy

      Oh Jay, you wordsmith, you!

      So which fraction of the hundreds of thousands of emails serving to absolutely support everything Coinfire exposed do *you* think magically turns the serial fraudster, Homero Joshua Garza, into a legitimate businessman?

      Josh was driving Ferrari cars long before GAW Miners. Off the back of Stuart Fraser’s financial support for what he probably thought was a viable technological innovation but which, as anyone who knew enough to stop a VCR from continually blinking the time as 00:00 in the 80’s, were well dated concepts by the time Josh had convinced Stu of their bleeding-edge significance. I mean, really, a phone which pulls up caller info and a html ‘exploit’ most browsers are automatically triggered to reject these days, hardly the next Google, now, is it?

      Homero was living the high life on Stu’s dollar while stroking his ego and referring to him as ‘the father he never knew’. Whatever you might think of the ‘old money’ elite, the ‘new money’ scammer is certainly no more palatable.

  3. You speak of losses. I am sure there are a handful of PayCoin Investors that have a detailed calculation of the losses PayCoin investors have lost due to your repeated stories about Josh Garza and PayCoin in general. I do not support any threats from any parties, it is just uncalled for and unprofessional. I am sorry that multiple people have been the target for threats during the past few months. I do not see any reason why anyone would need to go that route. I am just saying that many people have invested and are still investing in PayCoin and that does not have anything to do with Josh Garza. Every time you publish an article about the coin their is a direct effect on the market, and for that reason alone I get very frustrated.

    1. William Ferrell

      That’s what happens when you invest in a scam: you lose your money. Whether the loss comes when the scam collapses or earlier when someone exposes it is irrelevant. The people you should be upset with are the scammers who ripped you off, not the investigators who unraveled their schemes.

    2. Won’t you people ever give up? You made a bad decision and lost money. I get that. I have also lost money on investments. You need to know when to cut your losses and move on. Be objective and ask yourself if it is worth it to stay in XPY.

    3. Can you point me to one example of the Wall Street Journal or any other outlet getting sued by investors in a company because they reported about it and that effected the perceived value of it?

      I’m sure Wall Street would love it if we lived in a world where that sort of logic made sense, in a world like yours.

    4. @J.McConnell Coinfire’s reporting the truth did not cause your losses. GAW/Paycoin is fraud, Josh Garza is a crook and there were multiple warnings and red flags. Journalism did not cause this desaster, but the criminals who run the Paycoin scam did.

      1. Confire introduced GAW to many with articles highlighting his white Knight do good image. They also got paid a large sum of money for ads GAW placed. Do Coinfire needs to cease hurting investors, many steered to GAW by them, with this barrage of negativity. For as you all know, perception is key to success.

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