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SheFi Launches 8-Week MBA-Style BootCamp, Empowering Women to Excel in Web3

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SheFi: Carving out space for women in crypto. Join SheFi's eight-week BootCamp for women and become a master of blockchain technology.

SheFi is carving out a space for women in crypto, in this article, find out how to join SheFi’s eight-week BootCamp for women and become a master of blockchain technology.

Have you ever been to a crypto conference?

They’re a sensory overload, sometimes not in a good way, and you’ll notice a striking lack of women. Web3 Builder Maggie Love’s SheFi is pushing back, aiming to carve out space for women in crypto.

“What keeps me motivated 4 years later, is what motivated me to launch SheFi from lockdown – that every woman on the planet deserves a bank account that she truly owns,” Love told 99Bitcoins.

SheFi transcends being a mere platform; it’s a sanctuary for women and non-binary folks keen on mastering blockchain technology in an eight-week BootCamp and an invitation to the events they host worldwide. SheFi’s new Season 11 BootCamp starts June 18, promising to equip students with an MBA in blockchain tech.

“Even if she only has $2, $5, or $50 in that bank account, no one can take it from her,” Love added.

SheFi: Empowerment Through Education and Community

Launched in the spring of 2020, SheFi has 3000 members across 90 countries and 3 Global SheFi Summit events. Its ethos is anchored in hands-on learning, blending real-world experiences with education.

The BootCamp cuts through the chaos of crypto—essential in a rabbit hole as deep as this one and is a beacon for women tired of the ‘crypto bro’ echo chamber in Web3

SheFi’s masterclass promises students to master Web3, reinvent their careers, and shape the future of crypto in eight weeks.

“Our goal at SheFi is to get you there and simultaneously help you unlock a career and community in crypto and Web3,” Love explains. “I won’t stop until I’ve accomplished that mission because I believe financial freedom is feminine.”


The pinnacle of SheFi’s initiatives, the SheFi Summit, stands as a beacon for female and non-binary voices in the crypto space.

Several mothers attended the conference with their children at this year’s Summit in Denver.

You see many things in crypto – that’s a first for me (unless you count Vitalik and Natalia Ameline) and something SheFi continues to excel at.

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The Bottom Line: How to Join Season 11

SheFi Season 11 applications are open for their first summer cohort!

In addition to the eight-week BootCamp, you’ll get career workshops and support from their dedicated recruiter.

Spots are limited, and enrollees are considered on a first-come-first-serve basis

  • Cost: $799 or $50 per class (less than a pilates class in NYC!)
  • Scholarships available. You can request a scholarship in the application form
  • Payment Plans & Letters to Employers are available
  • Classes: Tuesdays & Thursdays with recordings uploaded to Teachable, their content platform the same day
  • Rewards for Referrals: You earn $50 USD for each paid SheFi sign-up. The applicant must put your name in the referral box and pay.
  • Applicants get access to a special SheFi Discord Channel once they submit their application: SheFi Nebulas

SheFi, under Maggie Love’s guidance, is all gas, no brakes on its mission to fuel the next wave of web3 trailblazers

“We believe that education plus experimentation plus community equals empowerment,” Maggie Love explains.

Apply for Season 11 or refer a family member, friend or colleague!

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital

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