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Religion, Symbolism and Bitcoin – Putting Technology to Good Use With Gary Sheng

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Could Bitcoin religion have major cross-roads? Gary Sheng talks crypto spirituality and BTC in the 2024 bull market environment.

Money solves 99% of problems, but not everything. It can’t make someone love you for real; it can’t give you perfect health; maybe most importantly, it doesn’t solve spiritual or social problems.

Vitalik Buterin once criticized Bitcoin in this regard, saying there are much bigger problems beyond finance. According to Web3 builder and Edge City Co-Founder Gary Sheng, the same is true for finding one’s life purpose in this industry.

“Faith helps [people] be less swayed by the world. There’s so many worldly trends today,” claimed Sheng in an interview with 99Bitcoins.

Crypto spirituality is a growing trend in the blockchain industry.

While Gary is a Christian himself, he aims to reengage philosophy with tech and science rather than convert, as someone who works around many religions and creeds. Separating these areas has led to a crisis of meaninglessness in our world.

In this article, Gary examines Bitcoin religious trends and how they could shape the future of faith and tech.

How Does Web3 and Spirituality Shape Up Together?

“A big reason we’re afraid of AI and some aspects of Web3 is that we know we’re not living our divine values, which truly respect life,” claimed Sheng.

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Philosophy and religion might not collect experimental data (“We’re debugging a smart contract at midnight! Quick, get me a philosopher!!) but there are some Web3 questions where philosophical input is essential.

Foundational queries include the Byzantine Geeral’s Problem, the value of decentralization, the nature of probability, and so on.

However, beyond the Web3 community lies a common perception: crypto is a cult. It’s a religion in and of itself. Well, is it?

According to Sheng, while Bitcoin champions the principle of decentralization, eliminating the need for intermediaries, money only solves the money problem.

As he puts it, money is a tool, not a master. He says that the Bitcoin religion is not a spiritual answer.

It also helps us debate what is the difference between a healthy community and a cult.

“So many people act like Moses or God and give you commandments for you to follow for success, and it creates this crazy situation where you’re constantly gaslighting yourself about whether you’re doing the right thing.”

In recent years, many scientists, like Neil deGrasse Tyson, have criticized religious people and philosophers for caring too much about deep-sounding meta-questions instead of sticking to what can be “observed and calculated.”

If we’re trying to understand nature and build new systems like with Web 3 or AI, it goes beyond just calculations; it involves reflecting on the deeper meanings and implications behind these technologies.

The New Bitcoin Religion: Does BTC Have a Spiritual Journey?

Cypto is only a doorway to truly exploring yourself and finding your life’s purpose.

As Gary Sheng believes, it’s only part and parcel of feeling spiritually grounded and creating systems that resemble that.

Whether it’s Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, the Greeks, the Stoics, Jungians, or Nietzsche – there are profound insights in the spiritual path we choose, and there’s no reason to feel ashamed of that or think it must be separated from tech and science. It should add to it.

“I’m unattractive to business partners, romantic partners when I don’t feel spiritually grounded – I don’t have conviction in my words,” said Sheng.

“2500 people came through the doors this year at Edge City Denver, and these weren’t NPCs but vibrant, fun critical thinkers. You need to feel stable spiritually to radiate genuine authenticity and create spaces where people feel safe.”

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital

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