Security Alert: Used Change ALL Passwords. More than 79 thousand users impacted. has long been suspected as a ponzi scam, and the proof is ever-increasing as the website was hacked this evening leaving nearly 80 thousand users information exposed.

The usernames, passwords and email addresses for all users of the popular cloud mining site have been posted on the homepage after hackers had discovered they were stored in plain text.

Coin Fire verified the user information at random and selected several email addresses and passwords and found they were valid for other services such as Coinbase which shows that many users are using the same password on various bitcoin related sites.

All users of are urgently advised to change all passwords on all sites they use.

The hack of the database shows that the company was storing all user information in plain text in the database and has led many to question if the operation is legitimate or not. Certainly, the major and very basic security blunder does not help the company not appear to be a Ponzi merely operating at the minimum product to appear legitimate.

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