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We’ve got a newcomer to the world of Bitcoin faucets with

Recently announced and undergoing rapid development this new faucet is interesting to me because of the fact it is new and that while it is relatively simple at the moment contains very few advertisements.

You can visit every hour for a dispense that is between 40 satoshi and 1,000 satoshi.

The site features a captcha from recaptcha which means it is fairly easy to complete most times. The site also features immediate payouts to your account which I am a fan of us at it bundles up all of the transactions and safely stores them away.

One thing that this Bitcoin faucet is doing and many others recently is showing the total balance remaining on the faucet so you know not to waste your time if the faucet doesn’t have any coins to dispense at the time of your visit.

This faucet gets high marks from me because of the fast loading, ease of use, easy captcha and that it is an hourly faucet.

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