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Review: Rabbitcoin

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Some of my favorite faucets are the ones that are just simple.

Rabbitcoin is a dead simple faucet that contains a large box where you enter your Bitcoin address, solve a simple SOLVEmedia captcha and simply hit the large claim button.

One of my first thoughts when visiting Rabbitcoin was that the advertisements are very well done. They aren’t overly in your face, they are spread out evenly and I don’t feel overwhelmed with the advertisements that are helping to pay the bills on the site.

You can visit Rabbitcoin once each day and claim anywhere between 10 satoshi and 100 satoshi worth of Bitcoin.

This faucet is one of those simple visit each hour and claim your free coin faucets that I’ve found while the payouts aren’t the largest is well worth your time just because of how dead simple the site is.

The site loads blazingly fast, the faucet payout goes to your Microwallet account instantly and while it is only a daily visit I’ve found that I often start my mornings with this site each day because of how fast it is.

The bottom line is that if you want a fast daily visit with few advertisements you should check out Rabbitcoin.

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