Reddit closes virtual strip club GirlsGoneBitcoin but platform reopens with new name

The platform r/GirlsGoneBitcoin (GGB), Reddit’s first virtual strip club where Bitcoin was the favorite form of payment, was shut down by the website during last week, but has already reopened with a new name, GirlsGoingBitcoin, and new rules.

The founders of the service are “still waiting to hear back from Reddit as to whether or not they will unban the original subreddit”, the moderator ‘TheGirlFawkesy’ wrote on a message posted on the new GirlsGoingBitcoin. Meanwhile, the motive why the original “strip club” got squashed was revealed.

“The reason the original subreddit was banned was due to myself and other mods getting small kickbacks due to traffic from GGB going to sidebar links like my blog, which has coinurl’s on it. Honestly I wasn’t trying to be greedy or underhanded or anything, I never really thought about that being naughty. In the entire time those links existed I made about $16 in BTC, but that’s not the point. Reddit sets that as a standard because in the case of larger subreddits, internal corruption could really cause a lot of issues”, ‘TheGirlFawkesy’ explained.

Moderators on Reddit are supposed to be impartial and are forbidden from getting financial benefits from the boards they supervise. In the past, other moderators have equally been removed due to the same grounds.

However, ‘TheGirlFawkesy’ assures r/GirlsGoneBitcoin was never warned about breaking Reddit’s law: “regrettably, we never received a warning before, and so we had no idea we were on the wrong side of the law until our accounts were vaporized and all traces of GGB wiped from the site”.

According to The Inquisitr, the Bitcoin-friendly strip club currently had almost 2,500 subscribers before the shut down. Now, the new GirlsGoingBitcoin is up and running with a new moderation system. ‘TheGirlFawkesy’ added that “having a diverse group of mods will help a lot more when it comes to people having a personal vested interest. There will be no banned bots, there will be no sidebar links to personal sites, this will be a community directed project which will go in the direction that the community wants it to. That is the spirit of every subreddit and I sincerely hope we can aspire to live up to that”.

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