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This week saw the announcement of Reddcoin Broadcast, a social voice gathering platform specifically for Reddcoin.  Whilst it is inspired by the popular Thunderclap platform, this is an entirely Reddcoin-focused and developed version.  The biggest difference is price – while Thunderclap charges between $100 to $500 for a campaign, Broadcast is completely free. All that is asked in return is that what you are broadcasting is in some way related to Reddcoin.

So how does Reddcoin’s Social Broadcast work?

Initially a user will sign up on the Broadcast website using a social account, such as Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. This allows broadcast permission on that platform, so that the campaigns can automatically post on your behalf. Once you’ve given permission you can view the campaigns.

They display like any other crowd-source project, except that the support is measured in social reach instead of dollars.  Each campaign has a set number of supporters to reach with a certain amount of time. Once that number is reached, Broadcast will go forward with posting the campaign’s message at the time specified in the listing.

It’s important to note that it only posts to your feed, Broadcast isn’t some new way to spray spam on all your friends. It is a single message sent at one particular time. The power of Broadcast doesn’t come from sending heaps of messages to your account, but rather in coordinating, and unifying, many voices. Hashtags are used to pool together all the supporters, pushing a message up in trending more than solo, or uncoordinated, efforts might achieve.

How can I start a campaign? Does it have to be Reddcoin related?

It’s simply and intuitively a case of “click the rocket to launch”. There is literally a cute little rocket, urging you on to greater things.

The start of the process is your message. You need to submit 115 characters that encapsulates your idea, product or service. You might use the tipping platform to include a microtip, such as was passed on in campaigns this first week to thank @bitcoinbarbie and @juergenhoebarth for articles they’d published in support of Bitcoin. Including a tip is the same as on twitter normally: use the standard language @tipreddcoin +tip @YOURTARGET and then the amount (100 rdd, for example). You don’t have to have money with the tipbot to get a message out though. Your message can be anything related to reddcoin. A shout out to a fellow blogger, an advertisement that you’re now accepting reddcoin in your store, or to steer traffic towards your own article, cause or project.

Next you can upload a picture, choose the category, and write a brief paragraph giving people an idea of why they should support your campaign. Set the time you’d like to Broadcast, and the number of supporters you’d like to reach, and you’re done. Generally the campaign needs to be related to Reddcoin, but exceptions are made if the submissions is beneficial to the Reddcoin community, or was created by an active member of the community.

Does the Reddcoin Social Broadcast System Actually Work?

Well, it is only early days, but judging by the campaign page: Yes. There is only one campaign so far that has failed to meet its quota of supporters, but even this campaign managed to gather a reach of over 75,000 before the clock ran out. Of the successful campaigns, the most supported to date is one simply to raise awareness of the Reddcoin tipping account. Supporters signed up to spread the word that you can tip in Reddcoin on Twitter, ending with a total reach of over 150,000, and strong trending with the #socialcurrency hashtag.

There have been four successful campaigns so far, engaging people with articles written about Reddcoin, and boosting the profile of r/reddcoin on Reddit. Campaigns currently seeking support are announcing the Redd API contest, introducing a news site, and seeking support for the donation-reliant faucet.

Whatever will the Reddcoin team think of next?

Whilst Broadcast is only very young, it has already attracted a great deal of support for those causes it has put forward. Future campaigns may include technological projects, news announcements, the advertisement of jobs for Reddcoin, or mass tipping for a charity. The r/reddcoin targeted Twitter tipping runs that had previously been organized in the subreddit will be brought together quicker and easier than before, and with a greater sense of focus.

The future of Broadcasts seem to be, as they say, only limited to your imagination. So long as that imagination involves Reddcoin, Broadcast would love to help you reach more people. After all, just using this Reddcoin-exclusive platform is spreading the word about the nascent coin.

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