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Why Reddcoin is the Social Currency

Reddcoin, the Social Currency, is a relatively new cryptocurrency, but has quickly gained traction.  It has the fastest growing subreddit, compared to all other digital currencies, and at this rate will pass Litecoin within the next month.  With a huge block reward of 100,000, compared to Bitcoin’s 25, the coin is liquid enough to allow for tips to be given freely, which was the first goal set forth by the developers.

Reddcoin Has Active Developers

The Reddcoin developers have been working very hard on improving the coin, from launch to today, and have regularly updated the website, wallets, and social media pages, such as Reddit and Twitter, to push the idea that Reddcoin is THE Social Currency.  On top of that, they care about, and are involved with, the community, which is what gives the coin it’s strength.

Reddcoin has a HUGE Community

What makes Reddcoin so special is the social aspect behind it, with a growing community supporting the goals set forth by it’s developers.  It was built to be shared freely, however the user would like, through all of the social networking sites.

Reddcoin gives the community a way to be rewarded for communicating ideas effectively, or support projects, while increasing the value of Reddcoin itself at the same time.  Developers ask for feedback on projects regularly, and users willingly creating their own projects to provide support, or improve the usability, in their own way. Now, with the new broadcasting system, members of the community can combine their voices in a way that blasts social media with the ideas and goals of the project, but without the need to continually spam.

The Reddcoin “Redd API” Makes Integration Easy

Now with the recent release of the API, more can easily be done with Reddcoin than any other coin. The Reddcoin API makes it simple, and safe, for any developer to integrate a payment system, tipping system, or other system of transfer, directly into their project.  This gives it a huge advantage, and is a key to the future success of the currency.

With the recently released Android wallet, it is easy to store RDD on a mobile platform.  This allows users to introduce friends and family to digital currency, and provides users access to their coins no matter where they are.  All of the major digital currency exchanges, including Cryptsy, Coinedup and Bittrex, have gotten on board with Reddcoin, and the currency is now traded vs Bitcoin at a relatively high rate.

Reddcoin is Easy to Use, Send, and Receive

Reddcoin is a great choice for a user that is new to digital currency, or even a member of the general population with no interest in digital currency at all.  The community is very supportive, and sending and receiving RDD has been made easy enough that they can be given to others on social media, even if the receiving party does not have a wallet, nor any interest in doing anything more than allowing the transfer.
So, what are you waiting for?  Get started with Reddcoin today, and witness this revolutionary currency for yourself.

Update:  Since this article was written, Reddcoin has been moving toward a new algorithm, POSV, which will go into effect on August 2, 2014.  This new algorithm will transition Reddcoin from a mined currency into a minted currency.  To update your wallet, follow this guide.  Also, the Reddcoin Social Wallet is nearing completion, and the beta version looks very promising.

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