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Tutorial: Reddcoin POSV Wallet Upgrade on a Mac

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Recently, we released a tutorial for upgrading to the new Reddcoin POSV wallet on Windows.  Since then, we have noticed that quite a few Mac Reddcoin users have had issues with the transition, so we have prepared a new tutorial for Mac.

Note:  It is recommended that you have your wallet encrypted at all times.  If you would like to encrypt your wallet before starting this tutorial, and thus avoid making a an unencrypted backup copy, skip down to ‘Securing your Reddcoin POSV Wallet, and Preparing to Mint’ section.  The encryption process is the same in the previous wallets, and can be completed before upgrading.

Viewing the Reddcoin Data Folder

By default, the Reddcoin data folder cannot be viewed in OS X, so you must make hidden folders viewable.  Press cmd + space to launch spotlight, type terminal, press enter and then type “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE” without the quotations.  When you press enter, this will allow you to view all files and folders in your system.

Step 1 - AppleShowAllFiles

Next, click “Finder” Finder then, click the “Go” dropdown and select computer.

Step 2 - Go

This will bring you to a list of devices and networks on your computer.  Click on Macintosh HD.

Step 3 - Macintosh HD

Then click “Users”

Step 4 - Users

Select the username you are logged into.

Step 5 - Select Username

Now, look for a folder labeled “Library”.  It will be partially greyed out, as it is a hidden folder.  Clicking on it may not open it.  Instead, right click on the folder, and click open.

Step 6 - Open Library


Now, click on Application Support.  The Reddcoin folder will be inside.

Step 7 - Application Support


Preparing Your Reddcoin Folder for the POSV Wallet Upgrade

Now, inside of Application Support, find the Reddcoin folder, and copy the wallet.dat (it may help to switch to a list view, by clicking the 4 stacked lines at the top of the screen).

Step 8 - Copy Wallet

Paste your Reddcoin wallet.dat to any folder outside of the Reddcoin folder.  The documents folder may be easiest for you, but putting it inside of a hidden folder is safer if the wallet is not encrypted (of course, you should always have all wallets encrypted!)

Step 9 - Paste Wallet


Now, return to the Reddcoin folder, and delete all of the files inside EXCEPT for the wallet.dat.  Your wallet is now prepared for the upgrade.

Step 10 - Delete Reddcoin Files


Upgrading to the Reddcoin POSV Wallet

Navigate to and select Mac.

Step 11 - Mac Wallet Download


This will download the reddcoin mac.dmg file.  In your Finder, go to “Downloads” and open the file.

Step 12 - Open the Reddcoin dmg file

Install the Reddcoin-Qt program by dragging the Reddcoin image to the applications.  If you receive a warning stating,”Reddcoin-Qt already exists,” you should click Replace.

Step 13 - Install Reddcoin QT


Congratulations!  Your Reddcoin Qt should now be successfully upgraded to the Reddcoin POSV wallet.  However, you aren’t completely ready for POSV yet.

Securing Your Reddcoin POSV Wallet, and Preparing to Mint

To launch the new Reddcoin POSV wallet, return to your finder, navigate to applications, and click Reddcoin-Qt.

Step 14 - Launch Reddcoin


Now, Reddcoin-Qt will launch, and begin to sync with the network.  If your Reddcoin wallet was not previously encrypted, you must encrypt it now.  POSV requires your wallet to be encrypted in order to function correctly.  The encryption option is available in the settings dropdown at the top of the screen.

WARNING:  When you encrypt your wallet, use a strong password, but do not forget it.  I suggest writing it down, and making backup copies of the password, then storing them in a safe place that cannot be lost.  There are multiple ways to securely store encryption passwords, but that is beyond the scope of this tutorial.  Just be very careful with this step.  If you encrypt your wallet, and lose your password, it will be impossible to access your coins unless you have an unencrypted backup wallet.dat (which is not advised).

Step 15 - Encrypt Your Reddcoin Wallet

After your begin the encryption process, your wallet will restart itself.  Once it restarts you are now ready for the switch to POSV!  However, on August 2, 2014, when the switch to POSV is complete, there is one final step required to begin minting.  You must unlock your wallet, using your encrpytion password.  This option is available in the settings drop down.

Step 16 - Unlock Reddcoin POSV Wallet


You should now see that your wallet is both encrypted and unlocked Reddcoin POSV Wallet Encrypted and Unlocked

The process of upgrading your wallet to the Reddcoin POSV wallet may seem daunting at first, but if you follow these steps, it should be quick and easy.  However, if you run into any issues, please comment below.

Special thanks to REDD_Mike for the Mac screenshots.  He was having trouble with the upgrade, and we worked together to get his wallet working correctly.  After we had the process down, he agreed to create a new wallet, and go through this, step-by-step, taking screenshots for the tutorial.


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