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A Piggy Bank for your bitcoin

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Determined to demystify bitcoin, a technology company called Startup Inventors is set to pre-sell a boxed bitcoin solution so easy your grandma could use it. Its goal is simple; give consumers an approachable way to cash in on the digital currency. Today, the company introduces the BitPiggy, a piggy bank for your bitcoin and “the” piggy bank for the 21st Century. Forget stashing away pennies, this electronic bank allows you to store and save the burgeoning virtual currency, bitcoin.

Bringing bitcoin to the masses via Kickstarter for the holidays, the forward-thinking company will use crowdfunding support to complete their manufacturing run. Startup Inventors wants to make industry history by producing the market’s first series of fun, novelty consumer devices for bitcoin. They consider it “bitcoin for everyone, not just techie’s.”

BitPiggy comes equipped with a re-loadable bitcoin coin already pre-loaded with Bitcoin. And, BitPiggy is not just a bitcoin-based savings bank, but a hardware wallet as well, so consumers can save, receive and send the digital currency right from the device.

The ‘pseudo-anonymous pig’ also comes with its own alarm. A squealing “oink” will sound and send a MMS message to the owner if anyone approaches their high-tech coins and breaches the bank’s security.

BitPiggy has features like the ability to set savings goals for bitcoin funds. It also has an inbuilt docking station that allows users to re-load bitcoin right from their bank. Advanced users can still enjoy the anonymity of bitcoin with BitPiggy’s Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports.

L. Nicole Moore, Founder of Startup Inventors said of the launch, “We think there’s a future for bitcoin consumer devices as big as the future of Bitcoin itself. Look at the 3D print revolution. 3D printers were mostly commercial devices and now we’re seeing consumer 3D printers in stores like Staples. We think bitcoin will have the same shift. One day you’ll see bitcoin products at big box retailers.”

To sign up to be one of the first to pre-order BitPiggy, visit the site at .

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