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Chamber of Digital Commerce Receives IRS Recognition

The Chamber of Digital Commerce has received approval from the Internal Revenue Service as a Tax-Exempt Non-Profit organization under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Digital Chamber is now federally recognized as a business league that promotes the digital currency and digital asset industries.

“To have the IRS recognize our organization is a big step for the digital currency industry because this brings an added level of credibility to our efforts in Washington,” said Perianne Boring, President of the Digital Chamber. “This recognition adds legitimacy to our efforts to guide policy makers in sensitively and intelligently addressing blockchain technology.”

This announcement comes just one day before the Digital Chamber’s joint event with the influential Heritage Foundation to hold its first Congressional Bitcoin panel. On Wednesday, October 1st in the Lehrman Auditorium, with Perianne Boring, President and Founder of the Chamber of Digital Commerce; Carol Van Cleef, Partner at Manatt, Phillips and Phillips; George Gilder, of The Discovery Institute moderated by Norbert J. Michel, of the Heritage Foundation, will hold a public discussion on Bitcoin and the regulatory environment.

Participants and the media can attend in person or watch online. Please visit ) for more information and to RSVP.

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