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One year of Bitcoin images: Top 10 pictures from Bitcoin subReddit

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People say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But what about 10 really popular images? We gathered the best Bitcoin images that made it to the top of Reddit/r/bitcoin (the sub-Reddit dedicated to cryptocurrency) over the past year.

1. In capitalist America…

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This is what happens when your Russian friend sends you a joke.

Source: Published in December 2014.

2. Hong Kong protest

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In 2014, Hong Kong protestors used a P2P mesh network (Firechat) to coordinate their collective action without getting shut down by the authorities.

Source: Published in October 2014.

3. Western Union parody


Western Union filed a copyright claim against this Redditor for posting a parody ad on his Facebook page.

Source: Published in December 2014.

4. Bitcoin stars in The Simpsons

reddit images bitcoin

That awesome moment when Bitcoin made The Simpsons intro.

Source: Published in October 2014.

5. Bank ATM fees

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In some countries, you have to pay to “buy” your own money. Not with Bitcoin!

Source: Published in November 2014.

6. Bitcoffee in Buenos Aires

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This image came directly from Buenos Aires. These guys opened a Bitcoin-accepting coffee shop named Bitcoffee in Argentina, where cryptocurrency is now a solution for inflation and the economic crisis.

Source: Published in July 2014.

7. Bitcoin-friendly Xbox


Xbox started accepting Bitcoin last year and the good news got a lot of positive feedback.

Source: Published in December 2014.

8. ApplePay vs Bitcoin

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In 2014, Apple’s cloud was hacked and several intimate pictures belonging to celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence were published online. If we can’t trust the company with our private images, then how can we trust them with our money?

Source: Published in September 2014.

9. “Western Onion”

reddit images bitcoin

Bitcoin is all about simplicity, ease of use and convenience.

Source: Published in December 2014.

10. A treasure in the wall


Finally, a Redditor left two different gifts – US dollars and Bitcoins – inside a wallet he built a few months ago. We hope someone will one day find this treasure, but which (fiat currency or digital currency) will be more valuable?

Source: Published in May 2015.

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