Nordic company Creandum develops biggest database of Bitcoin businesses

The Nordic venture capital firm Creandum has built the world’s biggest and most complete database of Bitcoin-related businesses, from exchanges to payment processors. According to the platform, The Bitcoin Database already has more than 300 registered companies.

The goal is to provide an overview of the Bitcoin system to entrepreneurs and investors looking for efficient information. Creandum, a major investor in big businesses like the online music streaming service Spotify or the payment solutions firm iZettle, also hopes that such a project can encourage newcomers to help develop the digital currency and its market, Reuters reports.

Joel Eriksson Enquist, one of Creandum’s associates, believes that “Bitcoin needs to prove itself as a payment mechanism” during 2014 or 2015.

When talking about the new open-source project, Enquist compares it to Wikipedia. “Our hope is that the database will work like Wikipedia, with more and more contributors and more comprehensive data”, he said. So far, the database lists 46 Bitcoin exchanges in North America, 24 in Europe and 21 in Asia.


Distribution of Bitcoin-related companies


Bitcoin-related companies that have received funding


The website also features a section called “Hall of Fame”, which will be updated during next month, probably with information about the most important Bitcoin companies such as the biggest exchanges at the moment. This spot, for instance, is currently occupied by Btc-E and Bitstamp.

Although Creandum hasn’t invested in any Bitcoin-related companies so far, the venture capital firm is looking into a couple of possibilities. Nevertheless, the company predicts that the community will have to wait three years before it is clear whether Bitcoin is a bubble or really “the beginning of a new world”.

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