Just How Big is 99Bitcoins as We Start 2017 (and a free Bitcoin t-shirt)


2016 has been an amazing year for Bitcoin. The currency started out at $430 and closed the year with a huge leap to $970. The growth in interest in Bitcoin also brought growth to 99Bitcoins, and 2016 has been the best year for our site to date. In this short post I want to give you a quick overview of just how much we’ve grown in the past year.

99Bitcoins started out officially on January 2014 (before that it was just a test website for some Bitcoin articles). My main focus has always been helping people get started with Bitcoin, so whenever a new wave of people come onboard like we had in the last couple of weeks, it’s always a good sign for the site.

99bitcoins users

As you can see from the Google Analytics snapshot above, 99Bitcoins served around 1.5 million readers in 2016, and it’s pretty obvious how the price affected the number of readers by the end of the year. This growth of users allowed the site to be ranked around #34,000 in the Alexa ranking algorithm of all websites.


As you can see we started the year ranked around #58,000, dropped down to #78,000 and shot back up again to #34,000 right before the year ended.

The majority of our users are males between the ages of 25-34 and that pretty much correlates to a Coindesk research done lately about who exactly is the average Bitcoin user.

99Bitcoins user demographicsThe following graph shows the lifestyle of our readers (on the left) and their product and purchasing interests online (on the right).

99Bitcoins audience interest

Most of our readers are from the United States (36.1%), followed by India (5.1%) and then the UK (3.93%). Recently we’ve also integrated a Bitcoin faucet into the site so we have started receiving considerable traffic from eastern Europe, South Africa and Russia as well.

99Bitcoins user geo

Throughout the year we also got mentioned a lot in mainstream and financial media. Yahoo! , MSN, Newsweek, Gizmodo, Seeking Alpha and Coindesk are just some of the sites that linked to different articles on 99Bitcoins throughout the year. The most linked page was of course our Bitcoin Obituaries section showing how Bitcoin continues to rise from the dead time and time again. A big thanks to Jordan Tuwiner from BuyBitcoinWorldWide for creating this awesome concept.

Some of our most successful posts on the site this past year were:

Here’s your gift for being a great supporter of the site!

Our subscriber base has also grown to be pretty big and today we have almost 30,000 loyal subscribers. In order to celebrate this we’re giving away five 99Bitcoins t-shirts for free to whoever writes the most creative response below. It could be about Bitcoin, about the site, or anything else you think is relevant. Also, if you don’t want that specific 99Bitcoins t-shirt feel free to choose any other from the wide variety on the Bitcoin.com store.

Just write your poem in the comment section below and you’re in. Winners will be announced on January 7th through the comment section as well.

Thanks for being so awesome and here’s to an even better 2017!!!!

January 7th update – The winners have been chosen and were notified via their comment below. Thanks everyone for participating and being such an awesome audience.

Ofir Beigel

Owner at 99 Coins ltd.
Blogger and owner of 99Bitcoins. I've been dealing with Bitcoin since the beginning of 2013 and it taught me a lesson in finance that I couldn't get anywhere else on the planet. I'm not a techie, I don't understand "Hashes" and "Protocols", I designed this website with people like myself in mind. My expertise is online marketing and I've dedicated a large portion of 99Bitcoins to Bitcoin marketing.


  1. alfred Pierce on

    New 2 this whole digital currency is the bit coin maker a real bitcoin rotator that produces bitcoins . Could u suggest bitcoin producing rotators

    • Zsofia - 99Bitcoins support on

      Hi Alfred, welcome to the Bitcoin Community! Please be careful with Bitcoin rotators, in many cases these are scams and trying to steal your money, I cannot suggest you any legit site at the moment.

  2. christopher mulholland on

    Bitcoin,s belong. belong to the masses can’t get them from bank but there grate for pool mining and thank,s for opening my eyes and filling my coffers there is no other offers like 99bitcoin.com offers for blogging to faucet it just awesome so class it is you just mustn’t pass it the blog is the best you can learn so much just don’t underestimate the admin as they may well be helpful and pleasant even in the face of arrogant peasant I am thankful for all that what you do.
    and could the millions of you just form an orderly queue………………… thank you………………

    Fixed a mistake in this one please disregard the first draft

  3. BitPoem2017
    By Kai


    Many years

    So much pain

    A new thing

    An idea
    a vision

    no money smell


    Best site: 99bitcoins

    It’s true.
    The romance is real.

    Thanks for the content.

    …and one late submission.


  4. Henry Barton on

    Hey, Ofir. I shared my story of learning about Bitcoin and now I’d like to share my poem. I didn’t realize the contest was based on your timezone, because it’s still January 6 here in the US. I see that I can’t win a shirt, but I had fun writing up a poem and here it is:

    In the disaster of 2008,
    Nakamoto hoped to give us control of our dough,
    So the first cryptocurrency he did create,
    But sadly his name we don’t know

    A commodity like gold,
    Not bogus like greenbacks,
    In China heavily bought and sold,
    But unlike gold, mined by server racks

    In many ways based on PGP,
    And just as revolutionary,
    With its signing and use of private key,
    Which governments find scary

    At first obscure, in time it caught on
    And with high BTC/USD pairs,
    Newcomers saw the entry moment was gone,
    While early adopters became millionaires

    After the bubble burst in 2013
    No longer was money free,
    And being broke, my wallet was clean
    Until the bits Ofir sent me

  5. Before the grandeur of an internet emoji.
    A man dedicated towards a cashless society
    But not one with entrenched inequality.
    He was wiser than that, the community’s beloved Satoshi

    So his name became a symbol for a coin.
    One which couldn’t be touched, only sought
    By millions around the globe
    The path to an exciting future they chose

    Now here we are, groups of black, white’s and Asians.
    Looking at the debate over blocksize limitations
    But once we finish these hiccups
    The bank managers will be the ones left to clean up

  6. Michael Iheanacho Oka on

    i never knew about Bitcoin until i joined the best bitcoin community, 99Bitcoins.com where Bitcoin Educations are offered for free.

    So therefore,with the awesome knowledge i have learn t here and used,the result is that i am also smiling just like my teacher, Mr Offir.

    thanks sir for impacting my world.

  7. wijdan aamir on

    99bitcoins.com helped me understood the concept of a new form of currency and how to use it using the online wallet.

    wish you all the best and lets start a cashless world:)

  8. This site is tha bomb yo!
    It’s got it going on yo!
    The main place to go
    for some non-techie info
    Bout the worlds greatest craze
    ‘Cause living these days
    Is tough as it is
    To just handle your biz
    But if you get in the know
    and get smart on this stuff
    You’ll see the potential
    So enough is enough!
    Get up on this knowledge
    Subscribe to the blog
    of my main man ofir
    and fight through the fog
    till you see the blue sky
    man the price is sky high
    not because it’s a scam
    It’s legit! Do or die!
    99Bitcoins y’all!!!!!!

  9. Good on ya Ofir …I definietly want a T-shirt!!!

    I didn’t write a poem , but I wrote some lyrics to a song …which arguably is poetry.
    The musics is… Dusty Springfield’s ..”I only want to be with you ” My Lyrics are :

    I don’t know what it is my money just aint as good
    It doesn’t seem to have the value that it should
    While searching for the answer … I found a site
    Now 99 bitcoins is my shining light.
    If its bitcoins .. you don’t understa..and
    Then Ofir Beigel is your man.

    I’m a muso , so i can get some mates together and spin you up a copy you can play on the site in the background if you like …lol!

  10. I started writing websites again after watching mr.robot and remembered about bitcoin. Now im taking classes so i can build a bitcoin miner app cause i cant afford a miner . And i love your site its awsome. Thank you for the info .

    • Blake Bowman on

      Hey if you get that app up let me know I would like to try it out also kinda interested in classes hehe Mr.robot one of my favorites

  11. Elochukwu Sunday Okoye on

    Oh 99bitcoins what a great site!
    since we meet you have changed me
    Now we swim in pool of some bitcoins hahaha
    No life without you 99bitcoins
    Follow me friends, family and relative as we drink from the pool bitcoins
    Together we are strong
    Together we keep keeping on breaking the barrier
    Oh yes we did it!
    Bitcoin broke the $1000 barrier hear it again and again
    Now trading at around $1020 for one Bitcoin!
    No place to be like 99bitcoins

  12. Curtis Jones on

    Poems huh?

    Needed some hash to get me some gash
    But dint have fuck all cash
    Hey though Bitcoins I had, so I messaged my Dad
    And said Where can I get me some Hoocher, so I can tap me some Coocher?

    Dads a drug lover from way on back
    He’s got some good street sense and a modicum of whack
    Said don’t waste you time of the street folk son
    Git yerself online and hook up some crumb

    So a mere five hours later, after a skate here and there
    I’ve struck a sweet deal with a guy in Delaware
    I glimmed him some Bitcoin, he wired me right up
    And three days later it turned up in the mailbox

    A big tasty block of blond lebanese hash
    She liked it too – so I tapped me that snatch
    We’re ripped as cunts now, and will be for days
    Bitcoin is the shit, if you need to blaze.

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