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Gliph Introduces Usernames and User Profiles

Group messaging platform with bitcoin Gliph has announced some new features that bring it more in line with being a messenger platform for the masses.

The first change is the addition of usernames. Previously users on the service were assigned user IDs based on symbols but now moving forward users of the service can select an alphanumeric username to be assigned to a Gliph account. The Gliph team wrote on a blog post announcing the change:

As regular users of Gliph ourselves, we have found the Gliph Legacy usernames have not become easier to use over time. Though stylistically unique, Gliph Legacy usernames got in the way of the experience in a few ways.

First, people from the Gliph community told us they like the service but find it too hard to connect with other people. A basic function is being able to look up another person in the system and the symbols added friction to that process.

Sometimes when the symbol-usernames were shown in a public group conversation, it was challenging to track who was who. An emerging problem with Gliph Legacy usernames is that they don’t store well in password management tools like 1Password.

The symbol-based usernames were a daring and interesting way to stand out for a company championing privacy and security before people were paying attention to these things.

Now instead of being a set of symbols you can be for example just the username mike as our own executive editor has done:

Thanks to the new username schema that unlocks a new profile page system where you can visit the profiles of users on Gliph such as

Now users can create profile pages with information that they select to be public.

The new profile and username feature bring  a more usable element to the service which many believe will see serious competition from Gems a service that we recently covered on Coin Fire.

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