eBay is showing some love to Bitcoin (or is it all in our heads?)

Stranger as it may seem, the giant ecommerce platform eBay wants to know how its users feel about Bitcoin. It all started with a post entitled “What’s the Deal with Bitcoins Anyway?” that was recently published on eBay’s blog with a two-minute video talking about cryptocurrency.

Apparently, eBay was trying to understand how its users feel about virtual coin. Part of the post said that “The jury’s still out on whether Bitcoins will become ubiquitous and stand the test of time, or whether new innovations might eventually take their place. What do you think? Are Bitcoins the real deal?”.

Of course, in no time Bitcoiners at the sub-Reddit and people at the Bitcointalk.org forum started sharing the knowledge and the message went viral, with everybody thinking that Bitcoin was going to be the next big thing on eBay. But is it really or are we just dreaming too high? The truth is that if Bitcoin got accepted by a major platform like eBay, a lot would change.

However, an eBay spokeswoman already said the company has not altered its payment policies, claiming that “the video is strictly informational”. Although the platform is clearly paying attention to Bitcoin, some things didn’t look right: one of them was the fact that although eBay was asking for its users’ opinion, there wasn’t a way to answer in the post webpage, just buttons to share the content through social media.

There’s also the fact that if you look for the post on the blog’s stream at its main URL, the Bitcoin message doesn’t show. Apparently, the video was firstly posted on YouTube, on August 20. The comments were disabled, but the video has received 8,400 views and was shared in many Bitcoin-related websites. However, in the end, you can see the signature “brought to you by eBay Deals”.

If eBay is thinking about changing its payment policy, we can’t know for sure right now. But it would be a major conquest to get an online business owned by Paypal to accept a currency they have been almost avoiding.

Via techhive.com

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