India will be the stage of the Global Bitcoin Conference 2013 in December

There’s a new event on the crypto-horizon: the Global Bitcoin Conference 2013, to be held on December 14, in Bangalore (India). The gathering will be attended by major personalities from the Bitcoin community like the representatives from big institutions such as Buttercoin, BitPay, Mt. Gox or the Bitcoin Foundation.

The conference will focus on the challenges and opportunities that are changing the Bitcoin universe, especially when it comes to the influence of cryptocurrency in the second largest populated country and also one of the biggest economies on the planet. The organizing team expects the event to be a game-changer, spreading Bitcoin knowledge and understanding what changes it can bring to the local and global economies.

Although this choice of venue could suggest otherwise, let’s recall that the Indian authorities are still trying to decide what to do about cryptocurrency. The Indian government and especially the Reserve Bank of India are undecided: that’s why the country is waiting before kicking-off any regulation process linked to virtual currencies in order to watch and learn a little bit more. Observers and experts claim that this approach may be positive for the future.

But why is India a great market for Bitcoin? Apart from the fact that the Indian Rupee is not living its best days, remittances are vital for the country’s economy as nearly 3 percent of gross domestic product comes from it. And everyone Bitcoiner knows the several advantages of cryptocurrency when it comes to the remittances market.

The organizers assure they will be soon launching a website to support the event and allow people to register. For now, you can check the latest updates here.


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