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Crypto Fight Night 2024: Here’s What To Expect From Crypto Twitter Showdown in Dubai

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Dubai is gearing up for the return of Crypto Twitter in the latest Crypto Fight Night and the BTC Halving is right on our doorstep ...

Crypto Twitter is returning to the ring in Dubai, in the latest of the legendary Crypto Fight Nights, and with the BTC Halving right around the corner – here’s everything you need to know about the biggest crypto community event of the year.

As Bitcoin prepares for its Halving less than 10 hours away (at the time of publishing probably done!) Dubai is gearing up for the return of Crypto Fight Night. Here’s why that might be big news for shitcoins, memecoins, and maybe, just maybe Bitcoin too.

Dubai is buzzing! Last year, Crypto Fight Night Dubai captivated more than 20 million people on social media, highlighting its growing popularity and the intriguing blend of boxing and cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin’s chart is giving us some mixed signals today as it trades just above $64,000.


Set in the kaleidoscopic Le Perle Dragone Theatre, this event marks further growth between crypto and professional fights.

Over 1,000 visitors, including fighters, sponsors, fans, and a crypto millionaire or two, are expected to attend this year’s event in Dubai.

Here’s the lowdown on what promises to be an unforgettable night:

Crypto Fight Night Dubai: WTF is Going on?

You’re not alone in asking.

Crypto Fight Night is stirring up quite the buzz on X (formerly Twitter), dividing users—some applaud, others rant.

Backed by the World Boxing Council, Crypto Fight Night represents another significant event that collaborates with crypto. UFC 300 was only last week—featuring VeChain’s NFT-infused MMA gloves—and here we are another fight.


Tonight’s lineup offers various matchups, ranging from professional showdowns to exhibition matches. Notable combatants such as Jadier Herrera Motero, Tariq Habtoor, and Khalid Nasier are slated to demonstrate their skills, making each match a highlight.

Crypto enthusiasts and amateur boxers Ansem and Barney will battle for the WBC Crypto Champion title.


With betting odds offering insights into the night ahead, 99Bitcoin’s coy analysts have highlighted Cousin Crypto as a key fighter to watch in the night’s line-up – with the Devil from Durban expected to offer the best risk: return at the bookies.

Who are you betting on?

The Bottom Line: Which Tokens Will Rocket Tonight?

Before we leave grab some popcorn to watch the Halving (who are we kidding? Whiskey).

Here are the top shitcoins being shilled on X for Crypto Fight Night. Seriously DYOR:

  • BIGGA: 20% of the token supply will be burned if Ansem gets the W
  • BOWL: Not sure why this Shiba Token is being shilled for Fight Night, but it is
  • BARNEY: Token for if Barney KOs Ansem

It’s all eyes on the charts to see what BTC does post-halving. Even so, BTC’s mechanics will eventually drive the price in 2024. 

That’s all we got. Enjoy the fight, happy Halving.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

Isaiah McCall is an ultramarathon runner and journalist for 99Bitcoins.

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