Creator of 3D-printed gun is launching a new Bitcoin wallet in 2014

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

If you don’t know the name Cody Wilson, you certainly didn’t hear about the controversial 3D-printed gun created by this 25-year old man a while ago. The story became so famous it even involved the intervention of the United States State Department. But did you know that, in the meantime, Wilson turned to the Bitcoin world?

That’s right. According to the site The Verge, he has been developing a new Bitcoin wallet for the past two months, which will be called Dark Wallet. Wilson, who is working with Amir Taaki on this project, guarantees the software will be a free and easier to use wallet, compared to the alternatives.

The new fan of cryptocurrency is showing a bit more of his anti-establishment personality with this new step. “When we are enabled, through alternative means and technologies, to channel our commerce as we will, channel our production as we will, the state simply disappears”, says Wilson.

The software piece should be launched in February of 2014. As stated by Cody Wilson, the Dark Wallet will be a free browser plug-in, very easy to install and extremely accessible, even to the least technical users.

Amir Taaki is already working on the wallet’s  code. For now, the team will try to raise money through a video and crowdfunding campaign, designed to raise awareness about Bitcoin and this new tool.

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