Couple is living three months on Bitcoin and transforming the experience into a documentary


Austin and Beccy are soon going to be a happy married couple, but they decided to do something different. Instead of marrying and doing the traditional ‘honeymoon circuit and going back to normal life’ routine, they are living only on Bitcoins for 90 days. And the best thing is that they are gathering funds on Kickstarter to make a documentary about their experience.

For three months, they are going to be followed by a team of producers that will register their Bitcoin marathon. That is, if they can collect the $70,000 they need. After their honeymoon (still paid with dollars), the adventure begins.

That means paying everything with Bitcoin and even giving up their credit cards and cell phones.They will have to buy everything with cryptocurrency for their home – from furniture to rent, as well as groceries – and also get paid in Bitcoin.

They also plan to go on a road trip and take this experience to places far from the comfort of home, in Utah, even if that means travelling to another country and cross the ocean only using digital coin.

Besides, the couple will be telling their story along the way, through their website. If you’re interested in the project “Life on Bitcoin – A Documentary” and want to know more, check their Kickstarter page. The funding period will occur until July 12.

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