Contemporary artist gets inspired by Bitcoin

The contemporary artist Kuno Goda got inspired by Andy Warhol and created an artwork called “200 Bitcoins”. Much like Warhol’s “200 One Dollar Bills”, the price of this painting is 199 Bitcoins (but the artist admits the value is negotiable).

On his website, Kuno Goda talks about his approach to modern art within this new concept.

A banknote is a piece of paper we assign a certain value to. So are artworks. So are Bitcoins. Minus the paper.


The size of the painting is 23.6 x 47.2 inch60 x 120 centimeters and you can have a closer look here.


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Valuable as Art, but Priceless as a Tool to Launder Money!


Wow. I like the idea. Seems expensive. On the other hand: Andy Warhols “200 one dollar bills” has exceeded its face value many times.