Coinchat: the place where you can talk and win Bitcoins

We all know it’s possible to earn Bitcoins for free through faucet websites, but what about doing it in a special chat? The browser-based Coinchat allows you to talk with strangers online and win digital coins along the way while chatting thanks to the site’s own revenue generation, funded by ads.

Besides getting cryptocurrency just by talking, users can also tip each other or other individual messages. Besides, Coinchat supports scripted betting games, amongst other types, where users can win more Bitcoins.

And what about spending these crypto-coins? You can either do it on Coinchat to customize the chat’s appearance with new colors or features or retrieve them to spend the currency elsewhere by withdrawing the BTCs to the wallet The maximum amount that can be taken is 10 BTC.

The service has been running for five months now, attracting around 8,000 registered users who have exchanged almost 3.5 million messages since April.

According to the Australian founder of Coinchat, who talked anonymously with TechCrunch, “there’s an algorithm that determines how much coins you earn based on a variety of factors. Make sure what you say has some quality to it”. He revealed that Coinchat apps for Android and iOS are currently being developed, but it’s already possible to run the chatroom on a smartphone in the browser as an HTML5 web app.


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