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Could Bitcoins be a valuable investment for your retirement?

Your retirement portfolio, if you’re building one, needs a small percentage (from five to 10 percent) of high risk investments to potentially allow high rewards, that’s what investment firms and professionals all around the world have been saying for many years.

This type of asset might help you boost your retirement portfolio with just a small amount of risk. The question that remains these days is: can these assets come from the cryptocurrency universe? Some experts have an opinion about it:

The general rule of thumb with alternative investing, according to Investopedia, is no more than 10 percent of your portfolio should go towards these investments.

Brad Zimmerman,

A new white paper suggests that you can boost returns, reduce volatility, and beat inflation by investing — if your 401(k) or 403(b) plan offers such options — in real assets, emerging market equities and debt and liquid alternatives.

Robert Powell, MarketWatch

Much has been discussed about this, but can Bitcoin be this option and be considered a possibility when we talk about high risk assets in a retirement portfolio? Well, that question is getting easier to answer since a judge ruled that Bitcoin is money within the Bitcoin Savings and Trust fraud and also due to the fact that Germany recently considered Bitcoin as “private money”.

Like most investments, you’re taking a risk, so you’ll always be wondering how much are your coins worth. However, getting this type of information is not that hard. Check the existent exchanges and the real prices and keep updated, so you can minimize your losses if anything happens.

Finally, have in mind that there’s no financial adviser here to help you: you must be the one to manage your cryptocurrency and you can’t hold them in your traditional investment account. Well, at least until the Winklevoss twins finish creating their Bitcoin ETF, but that’s a rocky path to overcome. If this becomes a reality, the investments and interest in Bitcoin will grow, that’s for sure.


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