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Coin Brief Updates: Moving into 2015

Coin Brief has been quiet lately, as the holidays, busy schedules, and other things have kept many of us busy.  However, as we move forward in 2015, expect a return to a higher volume of content.  At the moment, we have a few in-depth articles being worked on that have taken quite some time to complete, including an analysis of Paycoin, the recent events surrounding GAW Miners, and an explanation of our GAW ads (there is a reason they are still there).  Plus, there are a few smaller articles on the back-burner that will be completed after the more detailed articles are complete.

However, that is not the point of this update.  We would like to make a few announcements, and have a few requests for our users, if anyone is willing to help.

Author Positions Available

Most of our authors are writing for Coin Brief on the side, while also maintaining a full time job or attending school.  Unfortunately, because of this, a few of our past authors no longer have the time to write, or can only make time to write on rare occasions.  While Coin Brief is always open to applications for author positions, this recent slowdown means that we are in need of a few people to fill a few specific roles.

  • First, we need an author with extensive experience mining Bitcoin and altcoins, who also has a strong understanding of the technical aspects of blockchain-based technology.  Experience with serious cryptocurrency day trading, or running/managing a mining pool, is also a plus, but not required at all.
  • Second, we need an author that can intelligently write about upcoming companies, currencies, systems, etc. that are not well known at the moment.  If you are the kind of person that constantly searches for information on the newest, most ambitious projects, then we would love to have you.
  • Finally, we need an author with the ability to quickly write short, informative articles about the latest news, as it happens.  If writing is easy for you, you already have systems setup to instantly send all cryptocurrency-related news to you, and have a flexible schedule, send us a message.

We prefer authors that speak English as their primary language, but will consider exceptional individuals who learned English as a second (or later) language.  In any case, it is necessary for an author to have a strong understanding of grammar and tense, as well as the ability to choose appropriate words.  If you fit this criteria, and would like to apply for one of the three needed spots, or just think you would be a strong addition to Coin Brief’s team, please email us at contact form.

The New Coin Brief Website IS Coming

That said, we are missing a UI/UX designer.  Our primary web developer can handle it himself if necessary, and has been doing so thus far.  Still, it would save a lot of time, and be very helpful to have a bit of help with the design aspect.  Much of the work is complete, and the new site already looks quite nice, but we want to make it as close to perfect as we can.

If you are an experienced designer, and interested in helping to create a great experience for Coin Brief’s users, please send a copy of your resume and/or samples of previous work to contact form.

Help Us Improve the Current and Future Website

While the new website is under construction, we would still like to improve the existing website.  If you are willing to help with this, please visit this Google Form and tell us what you think.  None of the questions are required, so answer as few or as many as you would like.

Our Coin Representative Program Will Be Changing and Expanding

Some time ago, we launched our Coin Representative program as an experiment.  This program allows individuals that are involved in any of the digital currency communities to apply to be a representative of their community.  Being a representative allowed the individual to write articles on Coin Brief, and submit them for publishing.  Some communities sent multiple representatives, some sent one, many sent none, but the program was an overall success.  While we were actively advertising, we had quite a bit of involvement from the individuals who applied.

We are in the process of revamping this program, simplifying the signup process, and expanding it.  Soon, we will be unveiling our new program that will allow anyone to apply to write on Coin Brief, but in different positions.  Currently, the plan is to create industry representatives, company representatives, coin representatives, and “unaffiliated individual” positions (titles subject to change).  All of these positions will have different criteria / rules for applying and writing for each group.

We will also be correcting one oversight from the original representative program, which was a lack of clear labels.  Articles written by representatives in the new program will be clearly identified as such, to avoid confusing / misleading our other users.

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