Coin Brief's Upgrade to HTTPS and Other Updates

Hello everyone,

We apologize if things seem a bit off, or hard to navigate for the moment.  We are in the process of enabling full SSL encryption on Coin Brief, which will take a bit of time to perfect.  However, the end result will be worth it, as the entire domain will be ported to HTTPS, and will provide an additional layer of security for our users.

Unfortunately, some of our applications are not handling the switch very well, and must be repaired one by one (which is most noticeable at the moment with the format of our home page).  Our home page IS being redesigned at the moment, but this is not the new design.

You can expect that all issues arising from our switch to HTTPS to be resolved within the next day or two, and hopefully our new homepage will be unveiled (potentially alongside an interesting new feature that we have been working on).

Once again, we apologize for any clutter or confusion this is causing.  We promise it is only temporary!


The Coin Brief Team

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