Canada is the country with most Bitcoin software downloads in 2013

A recent study released by BTC Global has measured the number of software downloads connected to Bitcoin from Sourceforge and the results are really interesting, as they provide a “map” of the digital currency power. The economic researcher Colin Osterman presented the results in a blog post and reported that, although some people are downloading simply updates, a lot of them are also downloading the software for the first time.

According to the results, Canada is the country where most users download this kind of software. Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany come after. However, countries at the bottom of this list must also be considered, since they are the most interesting. “Some of the most exciting growth is happening in regions where saturation is currently low”, says Colin Osterman.

We’re talking about countries like China, which is down on the list of downloads per capita, but has seen an amazing explosion of downloads recently. “Brazil is another country to watch, with 29 percent, followed by Taiwan and South Korea, each with 23 percent”, the expert says.

The gathered data was limited to larger countries (with a population greater than 20 million and more than 500 downloads year-to-date), a criteria that eliminates the Nordic countries. However, Osterman assures that Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland together lead the Bitcoin saturation rates.

There have been nearly 240,000 Bitcoin software downloads since the beginning of May. Some of the most interesting conclusions of these last numbers say that 32 percent of the downloaders are from China and 84 percent use Windows. Year-to-date downloads total 1.3 million and the country at the top of this list is the USA. The country also tops the list of total downloads year-to-date, around 350,000, nearly twice more than the second one on the list, China.


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