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BtcChina lowers trading commission fees to 0.1%

Attention, all users of the Chinese exchange BtcChina: recovery is happening as the platform is now thinking about lowering its trading commission fees from 0.3% to 0.1%

The measure will be active starting this Monday (24), at 12:00 (local time in China). This new fee of 0.1% “will be applicable to all trades executed after this time, regardless of when the order is placed”, according to BtcChina’s latest statement.

Besides, the company is also announcing additional support measures for market-makers who place limit orders that add to market liquidity. “They will be exempt from the trading commission, and will additionally get a 0.1% market-maker rebate”, the exchange adds.

With this announcement, BtcChina is trying to recover the many users lost during the crisis that affected the exchange in December. The company was severely affected when the Chinese government decided to implement anti-Bitcoin measures at the end of last year. During that period, a lot of BtcChina’s clients migrated to other exchanges like Huobi.

General recovery?

On a related note, the Bitcoin ecosystem is apparently starting to recover from the Mt. Gox debacle, but it is probably still too soon to make forecasts. The price is consistently rising in most exchanges, the Japan-based company included.


This chart shows how the value went from a bit over $100 to $300 in less than 48 hours. And the same is happening in other exchanges such as Bitstamp. During the same period, the price went from $565 to $625.

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