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Block Chain Jewellery Collection of 2014

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I probably have waaaayyy to much spare time on my hands but I started messing around with Photoshop yesterday thinking how cool it would be if the top jewellery brands would put out a collection of crypto-coin jewellery. Naturally I thought about  the Block Chain necklace. So instead of waiting for Bvlgari or Cartier to act, I decided to create some  concept ads myself.

Here’s the first example for Bvlgari, excellent for that fully elegant somewhat extravagant look.

Bvlgari Bitcoin Ad

Next up in our Block Chain jewellery collection for 2014 is the more extremist “I don’t give a damn” look, Block Chain by Cartier.

Cartier Bitcoin Ad

And last but not least, the minimalist look of just one block…..The Genesis Block by Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co Bitcoin Ad

Got any more ideas for cool ads for Bitcoin to create ? Leave a comment below or just email me here.

Oh and also please keep in mind that this is a joke OK ? Don’t go running around asking when are the new Block Chain necklaces coming out, I don’t think the people at Bvlgari will appreciate it….

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  1. Nice Blog. I will Definitely follow. I think chains with pendants are really something majestic. Specially the gold ones they really make you stand out.

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