BitInstant publishes update about temporary shutdown and announces special comeback offers

It’s been 10 days since 99Bitcoins told you that the payment processing platform BitInstant was temporarily down and, since then, the company has been quite secretive about their work. But this Tuesday (23) the website posted an update about the situation.

The company decided to shut down the platform while it’s making new updates and introducing new features, informing the users through a statement published on their website. Ten days after that episode, BitInstant decided to let everyone know how’s everything going on and they even showed a picture of the team during work hours.

“We’re still here, working! Sorry that we haven’t updated everyone sooner – we’ve been working ’round the clock to get the site back online (which we’re sure you can appreciate)”, the text now published on their website says. According to the company, there are 10 developers organized in two-person teams tackling some of the biggest issues customers brought up to the team’s attention, “like identity access issues and ease-of-use”. Read the rest of the statement below:

While the dev team is doing their thing, other members of our staff are doing theirs, too! Customer Service has cleared out the backlog of support tickets, trained new team members, and implemented better protocols for handling volume. We’ve also been working with our partner companies to streamline certain processes that will help us help you more efficiently. This should not only improve response times, but also resolution times. So, if you do have a problem, we’re able to handle it fast and make you a happy customer.

We know you’re eager to have the site back up and running – so are we. We thank you for your patience while we work to bring you an improved product. Like we said, this was a really hard decision to make, but we think it’s the most responsible way to serve our customers in the long term. And, while we know some of you aren’t happy, we appreciate those of you who have reached out to us to thank us for the route we chose!

As stated by BitInstant, the platform will be “offering special ‘We’re Back’ offers to everyone who has signed up for the mailing list” once the website is working again.

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