Bitcoin in Argentina: meetups in Buenos Aires are a true success

99Bitcoins told you, a while ago, that a lot of cities around the world are organizing their own Bitcoin meetups, discussing cryptocurrency without having to wait for a big conference. Buenos Aires, in Argentina, and Zürich, in Switzerland, are two good examples. What we didn’t expect was a success like the one we have seen in the Argentine capital.

Sure, we know Bitcoin is a big deal in Argentina, with a lot of followers, who are trying to find an alternative to the country’s economic situation. However, the last meetup organized by the Foundación Bitcoin Argentina was a true success with more than 180 people attending to the informal event.

According to a report of the meetup, it was possible to hear the outpourings of some Argentines, saying things like “Thank God I learned about Bitcoin before it’s too late”. It’s not an overstatement, life in Argentina is really difficult these days: the country has sunk into a very complicated financial situation and the Argentine Peso experiences over 20 percent inflation.

This spiritless monetary situation is, at the end, the main responsible for the quick growth of Bitcoin in the country, which is allowing cryptocurrency owners to move their wealth freely. Besides, it’s becoming easier to own Bitcoins in the country, since a lot of merchants and people are already accepting Bitcoins as payment and discarding the credit card payment options.

If you know about a Bitcoin meetup being held in your city, send us a message!


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